Illustrated Café in Seoul

Seoul, South Korea is well known for its extraordinary dineries and restaurants. In the summer of 2017, a new café was added to the list. Located in Yeonman-dong district, café Yeonnam-dong 239-20 is a unique place. By the way, the name of the cafe is an actual address of it.

The cafe’s interior looks like a scene from a cartoon, or page from a comic book or just a drawing sketch. Not just wall and floor design, the style is kept precisely in every detail. Furniture, dishes, cups: everything fits the concept.

The source of the inspiration for the designers, was the Korean TV show “W – two worlds”. The girl Oyun Zhu is inside the web comic book. She moves between fictional and real universes, gradually falling in love with the main character of the painted story.

Besides the drawn interior, the cafe also has a lovely patio garden, filled with a beautiful plants and flowers. So, if you want to experience being a character of a comic book and being in one, then this place is a must see.

Overall, the place is truly out of this world and cozy and relaxing, at the same time.

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