Instagrammable street full of color – Rue Crémieux of Paris

Today, most people are looking for that perfect picturesque backdrop, because snapping selfies with your same old backyard won’t get those likes. If you’re travelling to Paris and are getting tired of cliche tourist-y shots of the Eiffel Tower, you might want to pay this quaint little street a visit. We can guarantee you it’s very un-Paris-like.

The Rue Crémieux is a residential street, that sits between Rue de Lyon and Rue de Bercy. What makes it so charmingly unique is, that the streets are lined by small townhouses painted in every shade of palette you can imagine. The vibrant colors and the small stature of the houses on a cobblestone street make you feel like you were transported into a charming fantasy land, where you can live out your dreams.

Previously a hidden gem of the area, the street slowly became popular thanks to the advancement of good old social media. Soon enough flocks of tourists, shutterbugs, fashionistas and film-makers have been flooding the colorful streets.

You can try your luck in coming here, in order to get your best insta-worthy selfie with rows of rainbow houses behind you. However, keep in mind that the Rue Crémieux is strictly a residential area. Be respectful of residents of these beautiful houses and do not invade their privacy. The residents have petitioned for the area to be gated and closed on evening and weekends.

While this hasn’t come into effect just yet, it’s a good idea to practice some common courtesy and be respectful of the people. With that in mind, enjoy the view and marvel at the beautifully lined multi-colored houses.

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