The Integratron: Experience an Interstellar Sound Bath in the Mojave Desert

Countless people describe California‘s Mojave Desert as mystical, magical, and slightly uncanny. In the mid-1950s, a UFO enthusiast and engineer named George Van Tassel claimed that aliens from Venus—whom he encountered in the Mojave Desert—assisted him in drafting plans for a domed structure called The Integratron. This structure purportedly harnessed the region’s rich geomagnetic energy. Many dismissed Van Tassel as a mere eccentric, yet he maintained until his 1978 death that The Integratron could regenerate human cells and facilitate time travel and gravity fluctuations.


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While no verified accounts link The Integratron to time travel, miraculous cell regeneration, or anti-gravitational experiences, there’s no disputing that this rounded white edifice is an architectural wonder. Crafted from plywood, fiberglass, and cement, The Integratron is unique in that it lacks any screws or nails. Remarkably, it withstood the major 1992 earthquake virtually unscathed. Perhaps the extraterrestrials who advised George Van Tassel imparted some seismic wisdom. Alternatively, The Integratron’s resilience might be a testament to Van Tassel’s admiration for some of Nikola Tesla’s innovative concepts.

Today, The Integratron is owned by three sisters who conduct sound baths aimed at aligning visitors’ chakras. These hour-long sessions encompass the celestial tones of 20 quartz crystal singing bowls. Attendees relax on a mat-covered wooden floor, letting The Integratron’s distinct acoustics soothe their minds, nervous systems, and souls.

Dome Interior

Photo by Flickr

The current proprietors describe The Integratron as a blend of “art, science, and magic.” Even those not particularly interested in sound baths or geomagnetic energy remain captivated by the building’s astounding acoustics. A whisper from one end of the room can, astonishingly, travel across a wooden beam and be audible at the opposite end. This feature alone has left many, including the most reserved architects and scientists, in awe of George Van Tassel’s engineering prowess.

Should a trip to Joshua Tree National Park leave you craving more wonder, a 20-mile drive north to The Integratron promises an experience akin to visiting Venus. Due to its popularity, it’s advisable to book a sound bath in advance if you seek a genuinely cosmic encounter.

2477 Belfield Boulevard
Landers, California, 92285
United States

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