InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland: China’s Underwater Quarry Hotel

Today, when we are more environmentally conscious, it is very important not only to create eco friendly buildings, but also to reuse and recycle. China’s InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is perfect example of it.

Located not far from Shanghai, in Songjiang district, the five star hotel is built almost entirely in an abandoned industrial quarry. During World War II, coal was mined at this place. But, due to its inconsistency with the modern environmental requirements, the quarry was officially closed in 2000.
The construction of the hotel took over a decade. Over five thousand professionals worked on this project. Due to its unusual location, the team encountered many issues. Many famous architects worked on the project, including Martin Yohman; creator of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah in Dubai. According to Yohman, the hotel can withstand natural disasters, an earthquake or flood in the rainy season.

Before completing the construction, the hotel was called many names. Quarry Hotel, Shimao Quarry Hotel and Deep Pit Hotel, have stuck till today. The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland is the lowest-lying hotel in the world, since it is located 288 feet below sea level.

The hotel has only two floors above the ground. Remaining 16 floors, as well as 336 guest rooms are underground. Furthermore, two of the underground floors are underwater. Obviously, besides the unique setting, visitors can enjoy all the facilities, that the luxury hotel offers. Surrounding cliffs, the waterfalls, indoor and outdoor gardens create pleasant environment for anyone, who can afford it.

Address: China, CN Shanghai Songjiang District Chen Hua Road No. 5888 邮政编码: 201619

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