Have an Elevated Experience at the International Church of Cannabis

Plenty of religions around the world refer to cannabis as “the devil’s lettuce” and consider any sort of intoxication or inebriation to be a sin. There are many other people of faith who consider mind-altering substances such as cannabis to be a holy sacrament that elevates the human mind, body, and soul. Cannabis enthusiasts—such as the founders of the International Church of Cannabis in Denver, Colorado—believe that partaking in ganja is a holy activity that is conducive to reaching new heights of self-discovery and an increased appreciation of the larger world.

International Church of Cannabis

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The International Church of Cannabis is housed in a former Lutheran Church that has been converted into a Technicolor dreamscape. Members of the International Church of Cannabis—who refer to themselves as Elevationists—believe that weed is a holy sacrament that deserves its own religious denomination. Elevationists swear by the tenets of getting stoned, thinking deep thoughts, and expanding one’s appreciation of life, the universe, and everything.

Cannabis is legal for recreational use in Denver, but local law still dictates that Elevationists must refrain from partaking in their holy sacrament when the church is open to the public. Private gatherings where Elevationists smoke and ingest weed are restricted to participants who are 21 and older.

International Church of Cannabis, Denver

Photo by Flickr

Even if partaking in the devil’s lettuce isn’t your cup of tea, a visit to the International Church of Cannabis is certainly worthwhile. The interior of the church features brightly colored geometric paintings of animals with star-filled eyes. The church also hosts a trippy laser light show accompanied by a mellow guided meditation multiple times a day. You don’t have to be in an altered state to have a cosmic experience when you’re bathed in pretty lights, classic rock, and surreal artwork.

Elevationists come from all walks of life. Some Elevationists even belong to more traditional churches, in addition to the International Church of Cannabis. If you’re searching for a far-out wedding venue, the International Church of Cannabis regularly hosts weddings. The church also hosts regular events where members socialize, roll joints, and discuss the mysteries of the universe in a rainbow-colored room.

The Church of Cannabis is the ideal place for people of every belief system to expand their minds and consider life’s big questions. Even if you’re 100% sober and would never even dream of inhaling, the jubilant artwork, lobby full of Pee-wee Herman-esque sculptures, and general good vibes at the Church of Cannabis will surely elevate you to a new plane of existence.

400 S Logan St
Denver, Colorado
United States

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