Traveling to Ireland and Northern Ireland? Prepare These Things Before

The verdant island of Ireland and North Ireland is a vacationer’s dream. The people are friendly, every view is replete with natural wonder, and there’s so much history to explore.

Though the Irish countries are famously welcoming to tourists, there are some things specific to the place that you should know. Here are our five best tips for traveling through Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Plan Ways to Charge Up

Ireland is a fabulous country to travel through if you prefer to live off the grid. In cities like Limerick and Galway, locals will go out of their way to take you in and set you up with a warm bed and a hot meal. You barely even need to book in advance.

But if you’re looking to camp in any of the country’s pristine campgrounds, look into portable power. Shop the best portable power stations so you aren’t caught out alone without any way of charging your vital devices. Remember: it’s an old country, so there won’t be wall outlets everywhere you go!

Pack Warm Clothes

Even in the spring and summer, Ireland and Northern Ireland are cold countries. The wind constantly blowing in from the sea will chill you to the bone if you don’t have the right clothes. Take a note from the Irish, who aren’t caught dead without their jumpers.

Convert Your Currency

The island containing Ireland and Northern Ireland used to be one united nation under one currency. That’s not the case today due to the long conflict between Catholic separatists and Protestants in the North loyal to England. This period, known as The Troubles, is responsible for the divided currency on the island that can confuse travelers.

Before you travel there, decide whether you will stay in Ireland, Northern Ireland, or travel between them. If you don’t want to limit yourself to one place or the other, take out both euros and pounds.

See More Than Just Dublin

Dublin is the most popular city among tourists — and for good reason. From the Guinness Storehouse to the Book of Kells, Dublin has enough sights to keep the curious traveler occupied for years.

But try getting out and exploring other areas. Go to Blarney Castle in the south, have a pint in Tullyhogue in the north, and look out at the roaring Pacific in Clifden to the west.

Take Advantage of the Rail System

Ireland is one of the best countries to travel by train. Not just because the small nation is crisscrossed this way and that by rail lines, and not just because the rail system is ever-growing. The best reason to travel by train is the beautiful countryside you can see from your window.

Traverse the country from west to east in just 2.5 hours on the Galway to Dublin train. Or take the famous Causeway coastal route and take in the coast’s natural splendor.

Go Big Green

Get in the Irish spirit by traveling to Ireland today. And don’t forget to bring that sweater!

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