Jazzland: An Eerie Reminder of Katrina’s Wrath in New Orleans East

The abandoned Six Flags Jazzland Amusement Park in New Orleans East is one of the most haunting theme parks on Earth. Since the park was lashed by Katrina and inundated with storm surge in 2005, intrepid photographers have risked trespassing tickets and alligator attacks to document rows of rusted rides, decaying pavilions, and a giant red sign that says “closed for storm.”

There have been numerous plans to redevelop Jazzland into a new theme park, shopping center, or sports pavilion—but every attempt to revamp the park has fallen flat since Six Flags abandoned the site because it was too costly to salvage.

Trespassing is strictly forbidden, but that hasn’t stopped countless curious onlookers from sneaking around the eerily still, quiet amusement park which was once full of vibrant mirth. Thrill-seekers have spotted Mardi Gras beads galore, a plastic skeleton, and a large crumbling clown head with a wicked grin on its face.

12310 Six Flags Parkway
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70129
United States

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