The Chilling Beauty of Jukkasjarvi’s Ice Hotel

Among the snowy-scape of the little Swedish village of Jukkasjarvi, is one of the countries most popular and ethereal attractions; the Icehotel. The distinctive site sits nestled just 10 miles from Kiruna, Lapland, among snow-capped pines and gleaming waters.

Due to the impermanent nature of its building material, the hotel is ever-changing and is rebuilt every year. So, the hotel can only be enjoyed between December and April. The exhibition and hotel, which was initially intended only as a simple igloo, first opened in 1989 and since has been a popular sight for tourists from across the globe.

Every winter, Sweden’s Torne River loans its ice to the structure and every spring the melted ice returns to the untouched waters. However, parts of the hotel do not melt and can be appreciated all year round at ‘Icehotel 365’, which is rebuilt to its former glory when the extreme chill of winter arrives again.

Internal features of the 23 crystalline construction include: art suits, ice rooms and the awe-inspiring ceremony hall that has been used by guests to renew wedding vows. Over the decades the Icehotel’s ephemeral art instillations have included intricate ice monuments and glowing snow sculptures. They are unique annual creations, which have never seen before and never willt be seen again. Designers and artists must emerge from over 200 applications, in order to sculpt these stunning rooms that guests of the hotel will stay in.

Despite its transient nature, Jukkasjärvi’s Icehotel is considered to be one of the 7 wonders of Sweden. The list also includes The Göta Kanal and Visby’s City Wall. This fleeting place is well worth a visit for those, who enjoy a picturesque escape of frozen natural beauty under the aurora sky.

Marknadsvägen 63
981 91 Jukkasjärvi

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