Just Enough Room Island

Many tourist travel in search of a peaceful place, where is no traffic, no annoying neighbors and no disturbing noises at night. Well, there’s an island out there that has Just Enough Room to meet all the wishes of peace and quiet. And that’s exactly why it’s named Just Enough Room.

Located on the Saint Lawrence River, which crosses the Canada-US border, this tiny island is part of the well known Thousand Islands archipelago (which actually includes 1,864 small islands). As its name suggests, the island has barely enough room for a house and a tree to fit in. Judging by the current standards, if it were just a few inches smaller, the place couldn’t be called an island officially.

Apparently, somebody actually thought, that testing how much room the island had was an incredible idea. That’s exactly way, in the 1950s, the Sizeland family bought the island and decided to build a house on it. Their house is still standing there. Visitors are amazed to see, that the corners and walls of the property are literally built on the edges of the island.

The Sizeland family built a house in the middle of nowhere, in hopes to get some peace and quiet. However, as soon as people found out about the house, the area was constantly visited by tourists and mass-media by boat.

Wellesley Island, New York, 13640
United States

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