The Kabukicho Robot Restaurant: Chuck E. Cheese on Acid

If you couldn’t get enough of the singing, dancing furry robots of Chuck E. Cheese when you were a kid—The Japanese district of Kabukicho has a grown-up Robot Restaurant that is sure to bring you endless delight. The Kabukicho Robot Restaurant—which is populated by artfully designed metal-and-wire ladies—features giant animatronic women with giant… well, you know. The towering pink haired android goddesses put on quite a show multiple times a day. Two oversized sultry Japanese robot women who appear as though they have time traveled from the future beckon visitors to step inside the Robot Restaurant’s doors so that they may enjoy the show.

Tokyo's Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant, Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant, Kabukichō, Tokyo

Don’t show up at the Robot Restaurant expecting a three-course meal. The Robot Restaurant serves light snacks such as popcorn, cold bento boxes, and adult beverages such as beer. The food isn’t dissimilar from what you might find at an amusement park. The interior of the Robot Restaurant looks like a brightly-colored futuristic Vegas Bordello on acid—with bright pink chairs, bright lights, and reflective surfaces galore. The Robot Restaurant features multiple live performances every day. The Robot Restaurant show features a highly skilled dance troupe who share the stage with numerous saucy robots—including a giant alligator with large jaws that move back and forth, The stage show is known for its oversized pirate ship, neon green lasers, and flesh-and-blood female dancers clad in sparkly costumes and oversized boots. If you set foot inside the Robot Restaurant, prepare to be greeted by a bombastic, psychedelic display of sound and visuals.

Tokyo Robot Restaurant

Robot Restaurant, Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant, Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

Robot Restaurant, Tokyo Japan

flying girl in Tokyo Robot Restaurant

At the Tokyo Robot Restaurant, these girls are riding some kind of track around just above your head during the show. The rule is “Don’t touch, but high-fives are okay!”

Waiting room, Robot Restaurant, Kabukichō, Tokyo

The Robot Restaurant is one of the Kabukicho District’s more tame offerings. Japan’s Kabukicho District is known as an adult playground where revealers can indulge some of their naughtiest whims. A visit to the Robot Restaurant is a great way to explore the Kabukicho District without doing something that may go down on your permanent record. The Robot Restaurant may leave you with an acute case of sensory overload, but your significant other will be glad that you canoodled with scantily clad robots as opposed to scantily clad humans. Visiting the Robot Restaurant may be more akin to a scene from “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” than any innocent trip to Chuck E. Cheese that you took as a kid. If you love the over-the-top chaos of Chuck E. Cheese, you can’t possibly pass up the opportunity to visit the Robot Restaurant when you’re in Japan.

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