Krafla Toilet in Iceland

One of the most amazing bathrooms is located next to the geothermal station Krafla, in Iceland. In order to obtain heat directly from interaction with terrestrial magma, an experiment was conducted there from 2009 till 2011. So, the station receives energy from underground sources.

On the side of the road leading to Kraflu, in the middle of a large patch of bare ground, there is a shower. Not only it does not have walls (there is a picturesque landscape), but also the shower is working perfectly fine. It is connected to a thermal spring, as a result of which there is hot water in the shower all year round.

Recently, the toilet was installed nearby, as a result of which this bathroom became a local tourist attraction. The bathroom is often listed in a selection of the most unusual public toilets, but in fact, it was never used. The toilet was an art object, designed to draw attention to the unusual bathroom at Krafla.

In 2017, the toilet was replaced with a sink installed on a drain pipe. It is not connected to a water pipe and it is used for decorative purposes. An unusual bathroom attracts the attention of many tourists, who like to be photographed there or who likes to freshen up.

That said, the toilet’s location is pretty isolated. A visitor could probably relieve themselves, or take a quick shower without anyone noticing, all while enjoying breathtaking views of the Icelandic countryside. On the average day, only 15 employees work up at the power station. Just be sure to bring some toilet paper if you’re headed that way.

Location: Route 863, Lake Myvatn, Iceland

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