The Mysterious Kummakivi Balancing Rock: A Natural Wonder Explained


The Kummakivi Balancing Rock (Strange Rock in Finnish language) is a natural wonder located in Ruokolahti, South Karelia, Finland. It consists of two boulders, one placed precariously on top of the other, but despite its appearance, it has not rolled off.

Ancient inhabitants were unable to move it, leading them to believe a supernatural force was at play. Finnish folklore attributes the rock’s position to giants or trolls who are said to dwell in rocky landscapes and throw boulders around.

However, geologists offer a more scientific explanation: glaciers transported the rock and left it behind as they receded over 8,000 years ago. The power of glaciers, not giants, is responsible for the Kummakivi Balancing Rock’s mysterious placement.





In conclusion, the Kummakivi Balancing Rock is a remarkable natural phenomenon. Although it was once thought to have been created by mythological giants, a scientific explanation is now available.

Location. Valtola, Southern Savonia, Finland

ETRS-TM35FIN coordinates
N 7385955 E 901850

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