Leitisvatn Lake, Faroe Islands

Two levels by Jan Egil Kristiansen/flickr

Sørvágsvatn (Leitisvatn) is the biggest lake of the Faroe Islands. It is situated on the island of Vágar between the municipalities of Sørvágs Kommuna and Miðvágs kommuna. The name Sørvágsvatn means ‘The lake of Sørvágur’.

Leitisvatn by Hans J. Hansen/flickr

The Lake and the Ocean by Solinde/flickr

Sørvágsvatn by Mortan Mortensen/flickr

The Bosdalafossur waterfall which flows from the Sorvagsvatn, also known as Leitisvatn Lake. by © Coole Photography/flickr

Bøsdalafossur by Solinde/flickr

In size it is 3.4 km2, more than three times the size of the second biggest lake Fjallavatn, which also lies on the island of Vágar.


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