Little St. Simons Island: Georgia’s Wild and Beautiful Retreat

Georgia’s Golden Isles have been beloved by fishermen, bird watchers, and those seeking a relaxing escape from city life for centuries. Little St. Simons is the most wild and rugged of Georgia’s gilded islands. Little St. Simons features old growth live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, several miles of golden sandy beaches, and over 300 species of birds.

Little St. Simons Island is incredibly unique because it has been privately owned since the mid-1700s. A wealthy family used the rugged island as a personal getaway for centuries. The owners of Little St. Simons Island didn’t open a lodge until the 1970s. Little St. Simons Island remains under private ownership. Thankfully, the current owners of Little St. Simons have a passion for protecting and showcasing the natural beauty of the island.

Little St. Simons

Visitors can’t fly on a private jet to Little St. Simons Island. If you want to visit the island, you must contact the lodge so that you can be transported by boat. Little St. Simons Island features six eco-friendly cottages that overlook sprawling seaside forests and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

Michael Cottage

Michael Cottage at Little St. Simons
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Little St. Simons Island employs a team of dedicated naturalists who offer nature talks and guided hikes. The in-house naturalists can answer questions about birds, sharks, or palm trees. Naturalists even lead marine clean-up days where guests and naturalists work together to keep Little St. Simons shoreline free of debris.

Little St. Simons

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Popular activities on Little St. Simons Island include searching for seashells, hiking and biking in the island’s dense forests, and fishing for redfish and black drum which the island’s restaurant will prepare and serve to you upon request. Little St. Simons Island is also a hotspot for bird lovers. The island’s golden sands are the ideal nesting place for countless birds, including piping plovers.

Little St. Simons

If your main objective when traveling to a private island is simply to rest, Little St. Simons Island is the ideal spot to lounge on a rocking chair and watch the sun set. There is no place quite as soothing as an island with a minimal human footprint. The sound of crashing waves, singing birds, and palm fronds rustling in the wind will surely rejuvenate you. A plate of fresh oysters served at an outdoor table under the stars is a delectable meal that you will never forget. The sheer beauty of Little St. Simons Island will refresh you as few other places have.


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