Local Delights: Things to Do in Littleton, Colorado

Nestled at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, Littleton, Colorado is a blend of historical charm, cultural richness, and natural splendor, offering a variety of things to do in Littleton that appeal to all ages. With its origins rooted in the Gold Rush era, the town skillfully intertwines its historic past with a lively, modern vibe. Known for its scenic beauty and a welcoming community, things to do in Littleton range from exploring outdoor adventures to enjoying local arts and culture.

Littleton is a peaceful town that dates back to the Gold Rush in 1859.

Littleton is a peaceful town that dates back to the Gold Rush in 1859.
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The picturesque streets of Littleton, lined with charming shops and cozy cafes, reflect a quintessential small-town feel, while its close proximity to Denver ensures access to urban conveniences. The town’s dedication to preserving its historical essence, alongside a progressive mindset, positions Littleton as an ideal destination for those looking to experience a unique Colorado lifestyle. For anyone planning a visit, things to do in Littleton offer a delightful mix of past and present, making it a compelling place to explore.

Outdoor Adventures

Mary Carter Greenway Trail

The Mary Carter Greenway Trail is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts. Spanning approximately 8 miles, this picturesque trail offers breathtaking views of the South Platte River and a peaceful escape from city life. Ideal for biking, jogging, or a leisurely stroll, the trail is dotted with rest areas, picnic spots, and playgrounds, making it perfect for a family outing or a solitary retreat into nature.

Connecting to other trails and parks, the Greenway Trail provides an opportunity to explore Littleton’s diverse landscapes. The trail’s accessibility and well-maintained paths make it a popular choice for both locals and visitors looking to experience the natural beauty of Colorado.

South Platte Park

South Platte Park is a sprawling natural area that offers a multitude of outdoor activities. With its vast open spaces and miles of trails, the park is an excellent spot for hiking, bird watching, and fishing. The Carson Nature Center, located within the park, offers educational programs and interactive exhibits that provide insights into the local ecosystem and wildlife.

The park’s varied landscapes, including wetlands, forests, and grasslands, are a haven for nature enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to have a family picnic, go on a nature walk, or simply relax by the river, South Platte Park offers a serene and beautiful environment to unwind and connect with nature.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Littleton Museum

The Littleton Museum is a cultural gem that offers a glimpse into Colorado’s past. As a Smithsonian Affiliate, the museum boasts a rich collection of artifacts and exhibits that chronicle the history of Littleton and the surrounding region. The museum features two living history farms, which recreate life in the 1860s and 1890s, offering a unique and immersive historical experience.

Visitors to the Littleton Museum can explore the old schoolhouse, blacksmith shop, and historic homes, and participate in hands-on activities that bring history to life. The museum’s indoor galleries host rotating exhibits on art, history, and science, making it a fascinating destination for all ages.

Town Hall Arts Center

The Town Hall Arts Center is a cornerstone of Littleton’s cultural scene. This intimate theater, housed in a beautifully restored historic building, offers a diverse range of live performances, including musicals, plays, and concerts. The center is renowned for its high-quality productions and talented local performers, making it a favorite among theater enthusiasts.

In addition to its mainstage productions, the Town Hall Arts Center hosts a variety of special events and educational programs. From the annual Littleton Jazz Festival to theater workshops for children and adults, the center is a hub of artistic expression and community engagement.

Recreational Activities

Colorado Journey Mini Golf

Colorado Journey Mini Golf is a family-friendly destination that promises fun and excitement for all ages. The facility features two 18-hole miniature golf courses, each designed with unique themes and challenging obstacles. From cascading waterfalls to whimsical sculptures, the courses provide a delightful and entertaining experience.

Open year-round, Colorado Journey Mini Golf is not just a place to play mini-golf; it’s a place to create lasting memories with friends and family. The friendly staff and well-maintained facilities ensure a pleasant visit, making it a popular choice for birthday parties, group outings, and casual get-togethers.

Ridge Recreation Center

The Ridge Recreation Center is a hub of community activity and fitness. This state-of-the-art facility offers a wide range of amenities, including indoor swimming pools, racquetball courts, and a fully equipped gym. The center’s aquatics area is a highlight, featuring a leisure pool with a lazy river, a lap pool, and a diving well, catering to swimmers of all skill levels.

The Ridge Recreation Center also offers a variety of fitness classes, sports leagues, and wellness programs. Whether you’re looking to stay active, learn a new sport, or simply enjoy some recreational time, the center provides a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Shopping and Leisure

Aspen Grove Shopping Center

Aspen Grove Shopping Center is Littleton‘s premier shopping destination, offering a blend of local and national retailers, dining options, and entertainment. Its open-air layout provides a pleasant shopping experience, allowing visitors to enjoy Colorado’s beautiful weather while browsing through a variety of stores. 

Aspen Grove is not just about shopping; it’s a place where community events, outdoor concerts, and family-friendly activities take place throughout the year, making it a lively and engaging destination for locals and tourists alike.

For those who enjoy a meal or a coffee break during their shopping spree, the center offers a range of restaurants and cafes. From quick bites to sit-down meals, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Aspen Grove’s pet-friendly policy, outdoor seating areas, and scenic views make it a perfect spot for a day out with family, friends, and even furry companions.

Downtown Littleton Shops

Main street of historic downtown.

Main street of historic downtown.
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Downtown Littleton, with its charming Main Street, is a treasure trove of unique shopping experiences. The historic district is lined with independently owned boutiques, antique shops, and specialty stores, each offering a distinctive selection of goods. From handcrafted jewelry and artisanal gifts to vintage finds and local artworks, the shops in Downtown Littleton provide a shopping experience that’s both personal and unique.

Strolling through Downtown Littleton is like stepping back in time, thanks to the well-preserved architecture and welcoming atmosphere. The area is not only a shopper’s paradise but also a delightful place to wander and explore. Seasonal decorations, street performances, and community events add to the charm, making Downtown Littleton a must-visit destination for anyone looking for an authentic small-town shopping experience.

Dining and Nightlife

Breckenridge Brewery

Breckenridge Brewery is a staple in Littleton’s dining and nightlife scene. Known for its wide selection of craft beers, the brewery offers a taste of Colorado’s renowned brewing culture. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, perfect for a casual outing with friends or family. In addition to their beers, Breckenridge Brewery serves a menu of hearty, delicious food, including classic pub fare and innovative dishes that pair perfectly with their brews.

The brewery’s location along the Platte River adds to its appeal, offering scenic views and a serene setting. Whether you’re a beer aficionado or simply looking for a pleasant dining experience, Breckenridge Brewery is a destination that combines great food, exceptional beers, and a welcoming atmosphere.

Café Terracotta

Café Terracotta stands out as a culinary gem in Littleton, offering upscale dining in a cozy, inviting setting. The restaurant is housed in a beautifully restored Victorian building, providing a warm and elegant ambiance. The menu at Café Terracotta is a blend of contemporary American cuisine with global influences, featuring fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The restaurant is renowned for its breakfast and brunch offerings, as well as its exquisite dinners. The open kitchen concept allows diners to see their meals being prepared, adding an interactive and personal touch to the dining experience. With its charming outdoor patio and friendly service, Café Terracotta is an ideal spot for a romantic dinner, a special celebration, or a relaxing meal with friends.

Seasonal Events and Activities

Winter Activities

Littleton’s winter season is filled with charm and festive activities, making it a delightful time to visit. The city transforms into a winter wonderland, with twinkling lights and holiday decorations adorning the streets. Ice skating rinks, holiday markets, and seasonal events bring a joyful spirit to the community.

For those who enjoy outdoor adventures, Littleton’s proximity to the mountains offers easy access to skiing and snowboarding. Winter hiking and wildlife watching are also popular activities, allowing visitors to experience Colorado’s natural beauty during the colder months.

Summer Festivals

Summer in Littleton is a time of celebration, with a calendar packed with festivals and events. The warm weather brings outdoor concerts, art fairs, and food festivals, providing endless entertainment for residents and visitors. The city’s parks and open spaces become venues for family-friendly activities, movie nights, and community gatherings.

One of the highlights of Littleton’s summer season is the Western Welcome Week, a long-standing tradition featuring parades, craft fairs, and cultural performances. These events showcase the community’s spirit and hospitality, making summer an ideal time to experience the vibrant life of Littleton.

Littleton, Colorado, with its myriad activities and high quality of life, is increasingly being recognized as a desirable destination not only for visitors but also for new residents. Moving companies in Littleton have reported a significant uptick in the number of people relocating to the area, drawn by the town’s rich blend of cultural, historical, and recreational offerings. 

The combination of a serene, natural environment and a thriving, active community makes Littleton an attractive place for those seeking a balanced lifestyle. From families to young professionals, the influx of new residents is a testament to the town’s appeal as a place that offers both the tranquility of a small town and the vibrancy of modern living.

This increase in relocation to Littleton is hardly surprising, considering the variety of things to do in Littleton that cater to diverse interests and lifestyles. The town’s ability to maintain its charming character while evolving to meet contemporary needs makes it an ideal place for those looking to put down roots in a community that values both its heritage and future. 

Whether it’s the outdoor adventures in the stunning Colorado landscape, the rich cultural experiences, or the friendly atmosphere, Littleton offers a compelling blend of factors that make life here enriching and fulfilling. As more people discover the unique charm of Littleton, it continues to grow as a community that warmly welcomes newcomers seeking a high-quality life amidst the beauty and activities it offers.

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