Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze: Mind-bending Fun in San Francisco

Yale graduate Charles Magowan decided to put his psychology degree to good use by creating a mirror maze in San Francisco that bends the consciousness of every person who attempts to find their way to the other side.

Located in Pier 39, Magowan’s mind-bending hall of mirrors features towering archways, neon lights, and pulsing electronic music. The maze is essentially a 21st century version of the mirrored section of a classic carnival funhouse.

Magowan's Infinite Mirror Maze

Photo by HiP 1/Flickr

Those who are prone to disorientation and motion sickness might want to think twice before attempting to navigate Magowan’s flashy hall of mirrors. If you’re a maze lover—consider undertaking the ultimate challenge by attempting to navigate the mirror maze backwards. Magowan’s hall of mirrors will either be the ultimate horror or the ultimate delight. It all depends on how well you tolerate optical illusions, and how good you are with directions. You can always close your eyes if you feel overwhelmed.

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