Malaga: Your Guide to an Unforgettable Spanish Journey

While big cities like Madrid and Barcelona usually steal the spotlight, Malaga still keeps some of the most important Spanish treasures alive: a breathtaking coastline, vibrant spirit, history and fascinating traditions. From its 30 museums to the superb tasty food and flamenco, the beauty of this city is covered by the magic of Picasso’s creation. Best way to see it all is to drive.
If you want to stay on schedule and get the best out of this Spanish experience, the best method to get around is through car rental in Malaga. Like most cities in Spain, traffic is generally calm and relaxed here, which makes driving an exciting part of the journey. Tourist destinations, gas stations, restaurants and lodging are all marked by road signs, so getting around shouldn’t be a problem. A GPS may come in handy, though, just to save extra time and get to see all the landmarks on your list.
From culture to history and entertainment, Malaga has plenty to offer. All you need is enough time to enjoy the authentic Spanish meals, views and friendly people.

Historical Core: Where Old Treasures Meet New Vibes

Contrary to its name, the Old Town of Malaga is a perfect mix between well known historical treasures and the new, vibrant atmosphere given by its inhabitants. This area hosts the Cathedral of Malaga, which was built during the 16th century. With its large columns, beautiful stained glass, and stairs to the rooftop, the cathedral offers a breathtaking experience.

Not far away, the Constitution Square has been the main hub of the city for more than two centuries. There used to be the Malaga City Council, the Mayor’s House and the jail. Nearby, the Malaga Roman Theatre and the Picasso Museum. Located very close to each other, and also to the city center, these two landmarks help visitors to dive into the past and get the best out of Picasso’s imagination.
At the end of the day, tourists head to the Historical Core for some relaxation. For those, who want to get a taste of traditional tapas, with a glass of sangria, this is the place to be.
Thankfully, the city center is surrounded by plenty of parking spots and most of them are free during daytime on workdays. Also, there is a free parking on weekends including nighttime, long after local buses end their schedule. Overall, to truly enjoy all the fun and sightseeing objectives of the city center, driving is a great solution.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Costa del Sol

According to both locals and tourists, one of the most beautiful ways to relax on Malaga is by exploring Costa del Sol. Basically, this coastline has all it takes for a complete seaside experience: sharp cliffs, small bays and well preserved beaches, which create an unforgettable view. The vibrant colors of the sunset and some Mediterranean breeze make any road trip magical.
Costa del Sol hosts 14 villages, each with its own cultural habits and, of course, delicious meal options. While there, visitors also take a small detour to visit Cuevas de Nerja, a series of caves that may date back to the Neanderthal age. Also, there are the chambers, that naturally create an amphitheater.
Clearly, the best way to observe the beauty of this coastline is by car. Nothing compares to enjoying a sunset, while driving near the Mediterranean waves. With all the tourist attractions along the road, driving around gives freedom to stop every now and then to get a closer look.

Getting a Taste of Mercado de Atarazanas

If going to the market doesn’t sound like fun, you’ve probably never visited the Market Hall of Malaga. This is one of the best spots to get to know the local Spanish culture and enjoy fresh fruit salads, various types of fish and delicious cheese. The best time to visit is early in the morning, when vendors bring fresh products. Also, you’ll get to see the fairytale-like view of the 19th century glass paintings as the first rays of sun go right through them.
With so many delicious treats at hand, you’ll most likely leave with bags full of treats and a full stomach as well. Although the market is almost permanently crowded, the public parking at the nearby Plaza de Camas, always has enough room.
Once you’ve enjoyed the culinary experience of the Market Hall, it’s time to hit the road towards the Mount Gibralfaro hilltop, which hosts yet another treasure of Malaga.

Alcazaba de Malaga: Spanish Culture at Its Best

It is hard to imagine, how luxury looked like during the 9th century. Well, Castillo de Gibralfaro will give you an idea. Some of the most important rulers of the area have been governing for centuries from the 110 towers of this extraordinary castle. Not only does it host an outstanding, exotic garden, but the building also houses the Museum of Malaga.
Alcazaba de Malaga is located on a hilltop inland that offers a great view of the city. Considering its location, the most convenient way to get there is by car. As a plus, driving will also allow you to stop along the way and enjoy the Spanish scenery.


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