Meet The Breathtaking Beauty Of Shah-e-Cheragh

Iran is well known for its unique architectural style, as well as its historical buildings, which have been well preserved throughout the centuries. The Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum, which was built during the 12th century, holds the holy tombs of Mir Muhammad and Amir Ahmad, the brothers of Imam Reza. Historical documents revealed that Imam Reza is related to the Prophet Muhammad, as well as his successor, Shia Imam.

Although the history related to the building is overwhelming, it’s its interior design that draws so many visitors here every year.

Regardless of its pointy roof being filled with painted details, the building may be easily overlooked by visitors passing by. However, once stepping inside, thousands of tiny glass pieces sparkling continuously, will leave anyone breathless. The entire place is filled with highly detailed patterns, green marble, red carpets and glass panels and sculptures. Of course, the story of such an outstanding place is just as interesting as its interior.

The holy tomb of Syed Mir Ahmad is right in the center of the building, under the dome. His tombstone is hidden by a lacquer box structure engraved with silver. A few glass openings reveal the inside of the tomb. Nearby, there are certain verses from the Quran written, with gold next to some flowers made of metal. A few steps away from the main tomb lies the tomb of Mir Muhammed. Although it’s quite similar to his brother’s tomb, it’s considerably smaller and has less decorations.

So far, it’s known that the tombs were built during the 12th century by the monarch Arabeg Abu Sa’id Zangi. The chief minister, who supervised workers, also helped built a tomb chamber, a dome and a colonnaded porch. Nearly 200 years later, Queen Tash Khatun improved the appearance of the building, turning it into what we see today. During the renovations, the Queen also made a tomb for herself inside the same chamber.

As for discovery of the tombs of Mir Muhammed and Syed Mir Ahmad , history doesn’t offer much information. One legend says, that there once was a traveler, who saw a big light from great distance. As he approached the place, he discovered the tombs of Musa al-Kadhim’s sons.

The Shah-e-Cheragh Mausoleum is one of the main destinations in Iran for those, who want a quiet place to find inner peace and enjoy spectacular interior.









You'd never imagine that such a spectacular sight is inside this modest structure

You’d never imagine that such a spectacular sight is inside this modest structure


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