Monastery of the Holy Trinity: a Church 400 Meters Closer To the Sky

Although many tourists visit Greece for the sea, somewhere above 400 meters higher lies an unforgettable sightseeing objective. Holy Trinity Monastery has a history of over 6 centuries and offers a breathtaking view.

This UNSECO World Heritage Site is only one of the 24 Meteora monasteries located in the central part of Greece. Meteora, means “suspended in the air” in Greek, and it is a rock formation of various cliffs, which are over 60 million years old.

The Monastery of the Holy Trinity provides visitors with impressive history. The first Holy location of this type dates back to the 11th century. Later on, John Uros, who used to be the emperor of Greeks, became a monk and rebuild the monastery along with other 23 such buildings. However, only 6 of them are still occupied by monks.

Another interesting specification of the church is its architecture. Its form resembles a cross and it has the small chapel of St. John the Baptist carved into rock maintains. The wide range of detailed frescos have been well preserved and they delight those who appreciate art and history.

Holy Trinity Monastery became popular tourist destination, after scenes displayed in 1981 James Bond movie “For your eyes.” As for the monastic life, the Eastern Orthodox monastery used to be the home of over 50 monks, but now, only 5 monks live there. The location can be visited any time by tourists, who want to get a taste of the European history, landscapes as well as unique works of art and architecture.

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