Most Unusual Buildings All Over the World

The world is full of unique, bizarre, and inspirational masterpiece architectural designs ranging from single houses, story buildings to skyscrapers. The buildings feature fascinating facts, useful information, and mind-blowing designs.

There are so many strange and mysterious temples, museums, restaurants, and office buildings worldwide. If you have never been to any, we have compiled the top 10 unusual buildings worldwide that you will love to see for yourself.

Stone house, Portugal

The stone building is an inspirational work of Portuguese engineer Guimarães who desired to build a recreational house in the Fãfe mountains north region of Portugal. It acquired its name from the four large boulders that servers as walls and ceiling. Other materials used are woods to build the staircase, a glass window, and a metallic door.

Photographer: Andre Vicente Goncalves

Wat Samphran, Thailand

Wat Samphran is a Buddhist temple in Amphoe Sam Phran famous for 17-story and cylindrical shape with an enormous dragon sculpture curling towards the top of the pink building. The construction of the building is a mystery by itself. For its little information, no one knows when and who built it and why it exists.

Wat Samphran

Casa Mila, Spain

Casa Mila got its name from the owners, the Mila Family, and it is the last civic architectural work done by Antonio Gaudi. The building is a significant piece of architectural art because of the large stone slabs and wavy facades. The front is made up of massive rocks that are separated by iron and wavy lines.

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Casa Mila

Rotating Tower, Dubai

The skyscraper is not yet a reality but has a project date opening set for 2020. The design is to have a strong concrete core at the middle and each floor to rotate 360 degrees independently clockwise and anticlockwise. On New York’s Olympic Tower, Fisher realized that he could see two rivers from a spot, and that is where he got the inspiration to rotate the entire building.

House Attack, Vienna

House attack is an unusual tilted, gray-colored, upside-down house placed on top of the Austrian Museum Mordener Kunst (MUMOK) for public exhibition by way of architecture. It appears as if the house falls from the sky and bombards itself onto the museum. The house is the first thing you will see when you approach the museum.

House Attack, Vienna

Basket Building, USA

This building mimics the appearance of a real shopping basket. The Longaberger, who was the company owner, suggested the design since the baskets were the top-selling item. The top is made up of an atrium and a glass ceiling to allow natural light, while the handles have eating elements that prevent the atrium from freezing.

Basket Building, USA

Cybertecture Egg Office Building, India

Cybertecture egg office is a 13-story building with 33,000 sqm of office space, an elevated garden, three basement levels, wind turbines, and a solar system to generate electricity. The building was designed by James Law and Ove Arup’s who got the inspiration to build a unique and self-sustaining structure that represents an ecosystem.

Cybertecture Egg Office Building, India

Bubble Palace, France

Famous designer Pierre Cardin bought the building in 1991 to use it as a holiday home after the French owner’s death. The 12000 square meters building has a beautiful reception hall, a panoramic lounge, ten bedrooms decorated by different artists, a 500-seat outdoor amphitheater, and various swimming pools.

Bubble Palace, France
Kunsthaus, Austria

The Kunsthaus Graz is a modern Austrian Museum build in 2003 that ended up looking like a giant robot because the designers wanted something different from the usual white box museums. Its shining surface came from the 1000 fitted fluorescent rings and programmed to display spectacular patterns during the night. Also, it generates electricity from solar panel technology.

Kunsthaus, Austria

Upside Down House, Poland

A businessman Daniel Czapiewski designed the house as an artwork representing the end of the communist era in the country. Later it was built as a fully furnished home and is now a tourist attraction in Poland. You get into the house through the window, stroll through the ceiling, and the interior has 1970s decorations.

Upside Down House, Poland


These buildings are undoubtedly enduring symbols of inspiration, art, and creativity that has brought indulgence of fantasy to the tourists who travel around the world to see them and create unforgettable memories. With the continued increase in human intelligence, advanced technology innovations, and the desire to create beautiful things, we expect to see more interesting architectural designs better than the current one.

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