Most Unusual Cities to Study At

Many students who want to join universities first think of major cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, and Ohio. These towns have many high-ranked colleges, which trigger huge competition from millions of students who apply to study in these colleges.

Surprisingly, there are many other cities around the world where students can apply and comfortably study without great competition from applicants. Here are some of the cities that students will find excellent study environments.


Wellington City, New Zealand

Wellington is New Zealand’s capital city and has plenty of fun activities to do because of its modest size, which makes it easier to travel. It’s also ideal for weekend trips to nearby New Zealand towns, as it has the country’s second-largest metropolitan region. The mixture of city life and glimpses of nature make Wellington City one of the best universities for environmental initiatives and the city attracts a wide range of students.

Wellington is recognized for its amazing food, beverages, and festivals, as well as its unique culture. In this bustling small city, concerts, sports events, and outdoor festivals abound. It provides a completely memorable experience with wonderful shopping, galleries, and leisure activities.

Florence City, Italy

Anybody who has visited Florence can attest to the fact that it is among the most attractive cities in the world. For students interested in history and art, Italy has several wonderful places to choose from, with Florence being the most favorite on the list. It is a popular tourist attraction and tops the list of the greatest destinations to study abroad due to its stunning scenery.

Florence, in contrast to most other Italian towns such as Rome, has fewer tourists. It is, nonetheless, a popular gathering place for university students from all over the globe. Florence is an excellent place to meet new people from many walks of life.

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Dubrovnik City, Croatia

Dubrovnik city boasts of some of the most wonderful sandy beaches in the entire world. Anyone who visits Croatia will not get complete enjoyment unless he visits the beaches. The cost of living in Dubrovnik city is almost half that of places in neighboring countries like Greece and Turkey.

The city, which is located on the Adriatic Coast, is historic and was built back in the 11th century. It has breathtaking, magnificent scenery and is a one-of-a-kind mix of ancient and modern.

Enjoy a trip to the historic walled city the day you don’t have lessons in college or go relaxing on the beach. Students of history will like the Middle Ages’ old remains and historical locations. The numerous museums and galleries will appeal to art students.

Shanghai City, China

Shanghai, China, is a remarkable city to study abroad, with historic Chinese temples and a huge number of the world’s highest skyscrapers. It is a simple city to navigate due to its elaborate means of transportation. A visitor can use cabs, bicycle, walk or use public transport to navigate the city.

Shanghai is a testament to China’s technological might. This lovely city’s strong technological industry will appeal to students engaged in technology and invention. Students of history will appreciate the numerous antique temples and tea cafes. The Shanghai Building’s dizzying heights will appeal to architectural engineering students.


Budapest City, Hungary

Budapest City is a famous exchange and Erasmus student destination. It offers a large number of good institutions to select from, and based on your field of study or passion, you can typically find one that specializes in it.

There are several choices available, regardless of whether you come from a European institution looking to study in Hungary on Erasmus or a student from another country looking to conduct an exchange or a summertime study.

Not just that, but Budapest is a reasonably priced city with a vibrant student scene. Budapest guarantees to be a once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Casablanca City, Morocco

Morocco is a North African nation with a turbulent past, amazing natural beauties, and distinct civilizations. There is a saying that says Morocco is where East meets West. Foreign students studying in Morocco will soon discover that the nation never fails to fascinate them.

Studying in Morocco will give you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to view every side of this fascinating nation. It will be your chance to study a new language, visit new places and meet new culture.

Oslo, Norway

In terms of global rankings, Norway tops the list of countries with high GDP, least crime rate, best gender equality, happiest nation globally, and best place to travel. In terms of studying, Oslo is not densely populated because it has about 600 thousand people. The city has 12 large state universities and many private colleges.

The nation has deep-rooted culture and this offers excellent opportunities for students studying humanities and arts. Although the cost of living in Norway is very expensive, the government provides opportunities to study for free or at a very low fee.


Many governments and investors around the world have invested heavily in education to make their cities and nations top destinations for study locally and internationally. They have invested in to-notch technology and the most qualified teaching staff. If students discover and apply to join these colleges, they will notice their efforts were not in vain. Their study time will be enjoyable and full of many new things to discover.

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