Multnomah Falls: Oregon’s Spectacular Waterfall

There are a few different stories about how Multnomah Falls—a cascading waterfall not far from Portland, Oregon—came into existence. Some claim that a young man fell in love with a strikingly beautiful princess, and created Multnomah Falls so that his potential bride would have a breathtakingly gorgeous bathing spot. Others claim that a young woman from the Multnomah tribe dove from a cliff to appease the Great Spirit in order to save her community from a relentless plague. In the wake of the young woman’s valiant sacrifice, Multnomah Falls became a robust waterfall which flowed ceaselessly in her honor.

It is not surprising that there are so many legends associated with Multnomah Falls. The tall, misty two-tier waterfall looks like it belongs at the base of an enchanted castle. Visitors can view the waterfall from several vantage points, including a bridge which allows for a stunning view of the upper and lower portions of the waterfall. Multnomah Falls is unique among Western waterfalls, as it is constantly replenished by an underground spring that keeps the water flowing all year long. You can visit Multnomah Falls 365 days a year, and see a thundering waterfall every single day.

Multnomah Falls features a historic lodge which has been converted into a restaurant that serves delectable Pacific Northwest-inspired dishes including salmon filets, and a gift shop that sells Oregon-themed merchandise. The Multnomah Falls Lodge was originally constructed in 1925 and much of the original rustic charm is still intact. Visitors can stop at the Multnomah Falls Lodge for an espresso prior to embarking on a demanding 6-mile power hike up Larch Mountain to the top of Multnomah Falls. Visitors can also sip a cappuccino on a bench outside of the Multnomah Falls Lodge, and simply enjoy the breathtaking sight of a cascading waterfall in the distance.

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