Sweetest Hangover – Museum of Hangovers, Zagreb, Croatia

After a night of too much drinking, have you woken up in some random place? No matter what drunken escapade tale you have to tell, if you remember any, you’ll definitely find something to relate to at the Museum of Hangovers in Zagreb.

The brainchild of university student, Rino Dubokovic, the unique museum of every-day oddities pays homage to conversations with friends about your wildest nights out. It features rooms of various objects collected by people, during their drunken aftermath. There you can find stuff ranging from, random receipts to abandoned wedding dresses.

The museum also features interactive exhibitions such as: navigating using beer goggles and a place to share your own hangover stories. There’s also a cute little boozy-themed gift shop. According to Dubokovic, the intention behind the museum is not to glorify over-drinking, but to highlight the remarkable stories, that come behind it and the act of sharing experiences with friends. In the future, the museum plans to spread the message of the dangers, that come with over-drinking.

This isn’t the first unorthodox museum to open in Zagreb.

In 2010, the Croatian capital welcomed the Museum of Broken Relationships, founded by an ex-couple who encouraged visitors to donate objects related to their own romantic breakups.

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