Museum of Witchcraft & Magic – Boscastle, England

Boscastle, England

Some may think, that the world of witches, wizards and pixies only exist in storybooks, however, Boscastle, North Cornwall may prove them wrong.

It may seem as a quaint and cozy little village at first sight, but don’t let that fool you, magic and mystery runs deep within its soil. As you explore the village you will notice a lot of quaint homes decorated, with magical motifs and even witchcraft references. But, if you’re in for a real crash course on the history of traditional and modern witchcraft, you need to visit the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

The museum itself is housed in a cozy cottage and contains various artifacts, magical scriptures, talismans, incenses and herbs for potion-making. Take a tour and ask the staff all you want to know about witchcraft. You can even visit the gift shop, that has even more magical items in stock for you to bring home as an unconventional souvenir.

The coven candles used for 66 years

Brownie Pate’s Book of Shadows

So, if you’re an aspiring witch, occult enthusiast or just a curious cat, who wants know more about the magical history behind witches, Boscastle is a must see travel destination for you.

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