The Mustard Museum: An Ode to One of Life’s Finer Pleasures

In 1986, the former Assistant Attorney General of the State of Wisconsin Barry Levenson was devastated that his beloved Boston Red Sox failed to win the World Series. Levenson was mournfully doing some midnight shopping at a 24-hour grocery store, when a bottle of mustard caught his eye. Levenson’s passion for mustard became his salvation. Barry Levenson vowed to build a collection of mustard so expansive and impressive that it would attract visitors from around the globe.

National Mustard Museum

In 1992, Levenson opened a museum dedicated entirely to mustard. The Mustard Museum features 5,624 jars of mustard from countries around the world. Levenson’s collection includes antique mustard, gourmet mustard, bargain brand mustard, and spicy mustard. If you can’t seem to slather enough mustard on your turkey sandwich, your mouth will surely water as you gaze at stacks upon stacks of gleaming yellow jars.

National Mustard Museum jars

Mustard Museum

In 1981, an iconic commercial for the mustard brand Grey Poupon—which featured a man eating fancy mustard in a luxury automobile—convinced consumers that mustard was one of the finer things in life. Sandwich, hot dog, and potato salad lovers know that mustard is certainly one of the best things in life. The Mustard Museum features a gift shop that sells a wide variety of spicy, fruity, and plain all-American mustard. The gift shop offers regular mustard tastings, if you’re looking to expand your mustard palate.

If you share Barry Levenson’s unbridled love of mustard, consider visiting the Mustard Museum on National Mustard Day. Levenson hosts a mustard festival that puts Mardi Gras to shame. The Mustard Museum is the ultimate road trip destination for people who stuff their pockets with mustard packets each and every time they order a burger. Finally, there is someone who understand you—and runs a museum that will only compound your diehard love of mustard.

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