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If you’re of a certain age or hip to classic, gone off the air too soon TV shows, then you know of David Lynch’s weird and iconic Twin Peaks which ran on the air from 1990 to 1991 with a movie in 1992, followed by a long-sought third season in 2017. Beloved by fans, the show’s namesake primary setting was the town of Twin Peaks, Washington. The actual filming location was the town of North Bend, Washington, and surrounding areas which besides being the show’s picturesque setting, is home to various winter and summer activities.

Twin Peaks sign

Twin Peaks Spots

North Bend is a haven for Twin Peaks-crazed fans, thousands of whom visit each year to check out some of the small town’s locales which double as settings on the television series. The show’s most famous visited and popular filming sites include : (the actual locations in North Bend are emboldened and hyperlinked, while their fictional names follow the colon).

  • Salish Lodge & Spa: Great Northern Hotel- An impressive lodge located above the cascading Snoqualmie Falls featuring amazing vistas, a spa, and incredible cuisine. On the show, the lodge serves as the residence of the lead character, FBI agent Dale Cooper.

    Spend the night above the falls at Salish Lodge & Spa

    Spend the night above the falls at Salish Lodge & Spa

  • Snoqualmie Falls: Featured during the show’s opening credits, Snoqualmie Falls is an impressive waterfall that features a drop of 270 feet. The falls feature two observation platforms, one on top of the falls and one on the bottom.

    Snoqualmie Falls waterfall view Washington, USA

    View of Snoqualmie Falls is a 268-foot waterfall
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  • Twede’s Cafe: Double R Diner- The local diner featured in Twin Peaks, the Double R Diner, the real-life Twede’s cafe, is an old-school diner built in 1940 and with much still intact from those days. In the show and in real life, it is a hub for the characters and real-life residents of North Bend. Like the cafe in the show, the real cafe is known for its classic diner fares like burgers, pie, and greasy breakfast food.
    Twede's Cafe

Above is just a small sampling of the filming locations used on the show. To view more, click on this link.

Winter Activities

For those looking to enjoy winter activities in Western Washington, North Bend is an excellent base from which visitors can check out the highlights of the area’s winter spots.

The Snoqualmie pass, approximately 20 miles from North Bend, is home to the Summit at Snoqualmie.

Summit at Snoqualmie: This massive ski resort features four mountain areas, 25 different ski lifts, and 1994 skiable acres. The mountain’s areas: are summit west (the place to learn), summit central (something for everyone), summit east (The hidden playground featuring alpine, snowshoeing, and nordic skiing), and alpental (the steepest and deepest). The mountain has various dining options, several bars, and coffee spots. In addition to traditional downhill skiing and snowboarding, the resort offers nordic skiing and snowshoeing and a snow tubing park with over 20 tubing lanes. In the summer, the resort is home to five mountain biking trails, scenic chairlift rides, and some hikes that take walkers to gorgeous secluded locations like Alaska Lake and Lodge Lake, two alpine lakes, and Franklin Falls.

Mount Si Rising from Clouds in the Snow

Mount Si Rising from Clouds in Snow North Bend Washington
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Summer Activities

The Snoqualmie River is a perfect place for kayakers or those who prefer to float the calm areas of the river and those who wish to relax on the beach on the banks of the river at the Three Forks Natural Area.

A few minutes from downtown North Bend the Rattlesnake Lake Recreation Area features a 111-acre lake, the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, and additional miles of hiking, biking, and horse-riding trails.

Challenging Rattlesnake Ridge Trail

Rattlesnake Ridge Trail
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North Bend features a variety of delectable restaurants ranging from Thai to Japanese to Mexican to restaurants serving Northwest-inspired cuisine. There are also several wineries and breweries in North Falls and its surrounding environs.


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