An amusement park of a different kind: Oregon’s Enchanted Forest

 Enchanted Forest

It’s not exactly Disneyland, but the experience you get from visiting it will last a lifetime for sure. The Enchanted Forest of Oregon is a hand-crafted recreational park, which is inspired by timeless fairy tales that has been providing magical childhood memories for generations. Built in the ’70s by artist Roger Tofte and his family, the park was meant for children to have fun and bring the stories they’re familiar with to life.

Almost the entire space was handcrafted out of wood and old trees, giving the Enchanted Forest a slightly more psychedelic edge, than a whimsical fantasy land vibe. The park is popular among children, who were curious by the bizarre structures and adults, who took the larger than life scenery to new highs and relived nostalgic memories.

witch in Enchanted Forest

Enter the witch’s mouth and come out through her…hair.

The Enchanted Forest has survived 50 years, with many loyal followers and fans. The park’s social media page is filled with stimulating visuals: a witch faces carved out of wood and made into slides, a dwarf mine and scenes taken out of classic stories, Humpty Dumpty and Alice. For adults, it’s definitely a feast for the senses, as the psychedelic visuals are paired with a unique and enchanting soundtrack that plays on loop throughout the park.

Alice in Wonderland: Enchanted Forest

There is definitely a huge fanbase behind the Enchanted Forest that can be found online. Communities are sharing their experiences and some of their weirdest and wildest moments at the park. Despite, the love for the enchanted forest, the attendance is declining.

Tofte’s daughter Susan Vaslev helps run the place. She is responsible for composing the fantastical soundtrack that’s being played throughout the park. According to Vaslev, the park’s biggest contributors, who keep the place running are repeat visitors. They have come here since childhood and now they wish to relive those memories as adults. Most of them are visiting with their own children to share the experience.

Humpty Dumpty in Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a go-to place for thrillseekers of the weird and wonderful. They would definitely get a kick out of snapping some quirky photos of the wooden structures and decor. The park is a feast for the eyes and the senses, as you explore the unique hand-made wonders of the surroundings.

There’s lots to see, to do and explore in the Enchanted Forest, which is an amazing permanent structure to keep the community, young and old, alive and full of passionate fun.

Address: 8462 Enchanted Way SE, Turner, OR 97392, United States

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