Organ Stop Pizza: Mouthwatering Food and Angelic Music

The last thing that comes to mind when most people listen to Bach’s dramatic “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” is a mouthwatering slice of pepperoni pizza. Despite some pushback, seasoned organist, businessman, and pizza enthusiast William P. Brown always knew that pizza and organ music were highly compatible. In William P. Brown’s world, there was no reason that a pizza parlor couldn’t double as a grand concert hall.

In 1972, William P. Brown founded a pizza parlor in Phoenix, Arizona called Organ Stop Pizza which featured a massive theatre organ which was initially designed to provide music for silent films. Organists played classical music, showtunes, and pop hits such as “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder as patrons munched on 14-inch pizzas topped with sausage and cheese. Brown’s organ-centric pizza restaurant was a smash hit from day one.

By 1995, Organ Stop Pizza had moved to a roomier location in Mesa, Arizona. A giant organ which featured hundreds of keys and switches, 5 expression pedals, and a powerful piston system was installed in the new space. Nearly 3 decades later, an accomplished organist puts on a world-class performance nightly as audiences relax and enjoy their favorite combination of pizza toppings. Organ Stop Pizza’s decked out organ even features a few decorative flourishes, such as dancing cat puppets and a spinning disco ball.

Organ Stop Pizza, Mesa, Arizona

organ stop pizza

Organ Stop Pizza proves that you don’t have to wake up early on Sunday morning to hear angelic organ music. If you want to hear some soul-stirring Bach, you can go out for pizza on a Saturday evening. Depending on the night, you may even be able to request a song. There’s a good chance that Organ Stop Pizza’s award-winning organists will be able to accommodate your request. Especially if it is from Star Wars or Phantom of the Opera.

1149 E Southern Avenue
Mesa, Arizona, 85204
United States

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