Tips For Finding The Best Outer Banks Vacation Rental

Seasonal and vacation homes are built in the dunes along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Seasonal and vacation homes are built in the dunes along the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
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Planning a vacation is more than packing your bags and booking flight tickets. The most crucial part is finding the ideal accommodation, especially when traveling to the Outer Banks for the first time, as you’ll be spoiled for choice regarding vacation rentals.

It can be the easiest task if you have the correct information. We have compiled a few tips and tricks for finding the best Outer Banks vacation rentals. Just sit back and read further.  

Research & References

The easiest way to find accommodation is through references, and combined with thorough research, you can find the ultimate Outer Banks vacation rental.

Ask your friends, family, coworkers, and everyone in your social circle about their suggestions on the best vacation rental on the Outer Banks. They will indeed have a few fantastic suggestions. Make a list and research those rentals based on factors mentioned later in this article.

Size of Accommodation

The size of the rental is a crucial factor, especially when you are traveling in a group. Consider your group size and how many beds and bedrooms your group will need in your OBX rental. You’ll want to take into account how people in your group will want to share bedrooms and who will want their own private room as well as being sure that there is plenty of common space to hang out together in

Look for a vacation rental with enough room for each individual. If you want to experience a truly relaxing and comfortable trip, remember this tip while researching the ideal Outer Banks rental.

Flexible Travel Dates

The Outer Banks is a popular summer vacation destination. Given it’s popularity, you may find that being flexible with your dates will help you to find the perfect vacation home for your group. 

The most popular months tend to be during those months when kids are off school and families are traveling together. If your group doesn’t require to visit the OBX in the heart of summer, you will find that you can find lots more options available in the shoulder seasons.

Location of The Rental

The Outer Banks is vast in terms of different beaches, views, and towns. Most vacation rental companies offer unique experiences. So, before booking, check if the area and the rental’s surroundings are suited to your liking and fit well in your plans.

Oceanside rentals are preferred for obvious reasons, but Soundfront or Soundside homes are also fantastic, with spectacular sunset views. They are more affordable as well. 

Check For Amenities

What are the amenities you cannot live without? 

While the beaches of the Outer Banks are always a popular place to spend time, it’s nice to have an outdoor space at your rental to enjoy as well. Having a swimming pool on premises is a fantastic amenity for your group to enjoy. Besides this, some popular amenities are hot tubs, game rooms, fireplaces, pet friendly, etc.


Another important factor is your budget and the price of a vacation rental. Your budget will play a massive role in deciding on a vacation rental for your next holiday. Set up a budget and try to look for options based on that budget.

You can find your way around your budget by scratching off a few unnecessary amenities and considering locations a little further from the water as oceanfront and soundfront homes are the most popular and sought after rentals making them more expensive

Final Words

Planning a perfect vacation is not easy, but it is possible with these few tips and tricks. Follow them to ensure you have a wonderful time on the Outer Banks vacation. Find the perfect vacation rental with the best view within your budget with these fantastic and well-planned tips and tricks.

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