Panama City Beach, Florida: A Spring Break Paradise

Panama City is world famous for its warm, inviting water and white sandy beaches. Many consider Panama City to be the spring break capital of the world. Every spring, groups of young people from across the globe flock to Panama city to drink, dance, and party in the sunshine. Panama City is home to countless night clubs, concerts, and bikini contests. If you want a spring break to remember, Panama City is widely considered to be the prime destination to forget about all of your worries and party around the clock.

Every spring, the Beach Bash Music Festival features the hottest DJs and pop icons. In 2019, Cardi B took the stage. Panama City features countless bars and clubs that stay open until 4 am every night. The world famous Coyote Ugly bar often has patrons and bartenders who dance on the tables. Numerous clubs participate in the Panamaniac Club Card that allows affordable entry into multiple venues. Students who are under 18 are in luck—because even if you can’t purchase alcohol, you can still can gain entry into many nightclubs and beach party events.

MTV broadcasts live from Panama City every year, so don’t be surprised if you spot a few celebrities partying in your midst. If boozing and partying gets tiresome, you can always go swimming, snorkeling, or paddle boarding. Panama City is a wonderful spot for fishing and dolphin watching. If fishing and dolphin watching gets tiresome—never fear, because you can always ditch the beach and dance the night away while drinking from 1 of 40 kegs of ice cold beer at Hammerhead Fred’s.

Panama City Beach

If you’re searching for a non-stop party town situated on a beautiful beach, Panama City is the spring break locale for you. If you’re looking for an equally beautiful beach that is slightly more subdued, the gorgeous beaches of Destin, Florida are very close to Panama City. Destin features white sandy beaches and crystal clear water. The beaches of Destin are a regional favorite among residents of the Gulf Coast. Destin’s lovely beaches offer plenty of quiet, secluded spots to rest and recharge. Panama City and Destin are two of the best beaches to unwind, crack open a beer, and relax in the sunshine. You can participate in a dance contest, or you can lay on a beach towel and listen to the waves. Panama City Beach is every college students dream come true.

Destin, Florida

Destin, Florida

The skyline of Panama City Beach, Florida

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