Discovering the Idyllic Beauty of Papafragos Beach in Milos

Papafragos Beach in Milos is an idyllic spot that offers visitors an impressive natural landscape. The beach is located at the base of a towering rock formation, which looks like a huge natural swimming pool carved out of the cliff’s side. To reach the beach, visitors must take a small path that leads to the strip of sand. The crystal-clear waters of the beach change color depending on the weather and the light, and are inviting to visitors who want to cool off and explore the nearby deep, dark sea caves.

Not far from the beach, visitors can also explore the ancient site of Papafragos, also known as the ancient town of Phylakope. The ruins of walls, buildings, and tombs from the Neolithic period are now mostly submerged under water, but they still offer a glimpse into the life and civilization that existed here in ancient times.

Address: Papafragas beach, Milos Island, Greece
Sources: marchetti/flickr, sherls/flickr, boeke/flickr,,

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