Planning Makes Perfect: How to Make an Itinerary for an Overseas Trip

Whether you’re traveling for fun or for business, you need an itinerary to make the most of your trip. Learn how to make an itinerary that works.

Whether you’re going abroad for two days or two weeks, you won’t want to leave your trip to chance. From delicious local restaurants to the biggest and best attractions, going overseas can be an unforgettable experience. 

Traveling can be stressful as well though, especially with transport changes, language barriers, and the prospect of getting lost. To avoid these worries and have a successful trip, you just need to know how to make an itinerary. 

Keep reading to discover how easy it is to plan the perfect trip, whether it’s for work or vacation. Soon you’ll be sauntering around a new destination and ticking off all your top priorities. 

Work out What Time You Have

A common mistake travelers make is not getting a handle on the true amount of time they have on their trip. You might fly out on a Friday and return the following Tuesday, but that doesn’t tell you much. 

Will you arrive in the morning? At night? Are you leaving at noon with a 9 am check-in? Remember that your arrival time means the time the plane touches down. It could take another hour or two to even leave the airport. 

See how long it takes to get from the airport to your accommodation and plan out how much real time you have. 

Create a Budget

Many fantastic locations are chock full of great experiences but visiting them all could be pricey. It’s best to pre-plan your budget so you know where you want to spend your money. 

When you use a template designed for travel itineraries, you can write a list of everything you want to see and do. Leave a space beside each activity to insert the estimated cost for each. Remember, you can look up attraction ticket prices online to be prepared. 

List Your Top Priorities

With your time and budget laid out, you can start to order your priorities. If you only have time to visit three attractions, think about which ones you want to visit the most and start putting them in your itinerary. 

Are some experiences and sights near each other? Do some have shared entry prices? Are some destinations in the “if we have time” category? Knowing your priorities is great for making a perfect itinerary. 

Make Room for Spontaneity

The amount of detail you have in your itinerary will depend on your personality. Maybe it’ll just be a list of towns to stop off during your tour. Perhaps it’ll be an hour-by-hour breakdown of your time in London.

However you like to plan, make time for spontaneity. If you’re too focused on sticking to your itinerary, you might miss opportunities. List some alternatives in your plan and see how you feel on the day. 

How to Make an Itinerary You’ll Love

You can’t make a workable plan if you don’t know how much time or money you have for your trip. With these two aspects pinned down, you can see how to make an itinerary that works. 

List your top priorities and stick some alternative choices in too. This keeps you flexible and means you’re not lost if an attraction is unexpectedly closed or the weather turns bad. 

Enjoy your trip and follow us for more great advice on traveling with ease. 


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