Prague, Vienna, Budapest: Best Central Europe Itinerary

Get ready to have your heart captured by the beauty of Central Europe. An excellent region for any type of holiday, Central Europe prides itself on its distinctive culture and exclusive sights. If you are a first-time comer and are looking for places to see, we suggest visiting Prague, Vienna, and Budapest. So, let’s whip up an itinerary!


Starting your Eurotrip in Czech is a great choice! Its capital city, Prague, is a great introduction to what will ultimately become the trip of a lifetime. Here are our suggestions and tips in planning an itinerary:

  • Visit Prague Castle

The castle is one of the most important landmarks in the country, and it is a must if you want to learn the fascinating history. Perched on top of a hill, Prague Castle is home to marvelous gardens, palaces, and shops. However, if you want a more thorough journey, we suggest guided visits.

  • Take a Photo at the John Lennon Wall

A symbol of political frustration of the 80s, John Lennon’s wall stands as a mark of the young and opinionated. Covered in impressive graffiti and vibrant colors, the wall is often crowded with tourists who also wish to leave their mark. Still, if you go in the morning time, you will definitely find it more secluded and will be able to enjoy the lively establishment in peace.

John Lennon wall

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  • Take a Walk Across the Charles Bridge

Charles bridge is one of the most famous bridges in Europe, and it connects the old town to Prague Castle. Time stands still while you get onto it, so stop to look around at the fairytale-looking city and love locks that cover the railings. If you have time, do this in the evening. City lights make the experience even more serene and romantic.


Afterward, hop on a train from Prague to Vienna to carry on with your journey. In Vienna, you could:

  • See an Opera

You have probably heard of Vienna being famous for its operas, and the rumors are all true! Find that confirmation by attending a show in the Vienna State Opera House. Arrive sometime before the performance to admire the magnificent designs and architecture; roaming the luxurious corridors will make you feel like you are the main character in your own fairytale.

  • Take a Tour of the Wien Museum

To fill your need for the historical background of Austria, make sure to visit Vienna Museum, otherwise known as Wien Museum. Here you will find all kinds of gems, from the eolithic finds to Roman archeological discoveries. There are also plenty of artworks by globally famous artists such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele.

Wien Museum

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Wrap up with the capital city of Hungary! Budapest is rich in history and marvelous landscapes, so here are a couple of things you should consider doing:

  • Check Out the Castle District

Originally the residence of Hungarian royalty and now home to several museums and government institutions, the castle complex is a whole day’s tour, starting with the St. Matthias Church, then moving on to Fisherman’s Bastion and, of course, Buda Castle.

Buda Castle

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  • Hit Some Bars

The city’s nightlife is always buzzing, and it somehow ends up being just as loud as it is lovely. There are many hidden spots in the city, small pubs, and underground bards which will take you by surprise and then lure you in for the rest of the night. Enjoy a chat with the locals while refreshing yourself with a drink. The Hungarians are very friendly and will welcome you with open arms.

Bar in Budapest

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This is a small example of an itinerary while visiting Central Europe, so just do some research and expand it even more! Do not forget to fill it up with accommodations and transportation, as well as prices and other details. Have fun!


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