Prague’s Narrowest Street With Traffic Lights

There are plenty of streets around the world that are famous for being long, short, wide or narrow. However, what sets the narrow street in Prague apart from them is, that is also has a traffic light.

Located in Prague’s oldest neighborhood Mala Strana, this 32 feet long street has a width of about 19 inches.

The two traffic lights have been installed at the both end of the street. The traffic lights are used to signal, whether the passage is occupied or not.

The pedestrian traffic lights were installed for pedestrians’ fun and convenience. It contributed hugely towards the popularity of this passage, as it started to attract travelers.

Although, it may sound fun, it is still a traffic light and the same rules apply to it, as to any other traffic light.
After pushing the walk button, tourists first take pictures and then proceed to walk, not taking the light seriously. So, it is a common occurrence for people to collide with each other.

This place is worth visiting, while exploring beautiful Prague.

Location: Hlavní město Praha, Czechia
N 50° 05.276 E 014° 24.573


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