A whimsical and enchanting forest – Puzzlewood, England

PuzzleWood in the Forest of Dean

Popular tourist attraction Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, England, is part of the Forest of Dean near Coleford. Its winding paths and moss-covered stones and trees, resemble a fantasy worlds from Lord of the Rings. Rumor has it that J.R.R Tolkien himself was inspired by Puzzlewood, which led him to create the famous trilogy, as he visited the woodland quite frequently.

The forest was also a prime location for filming, it served as a set for famous series such as Merlin and Dr. Who. Besides that, there are also remnants of the past buried over time by moss. There is evidence of the Roman occupation found in old ancient coins that have been discovered at the site. There may still be a few left behind structures that are yet to be discovered.

Puzzlewood is also home to ancient Roman Celtic open cast iron mines. Besides the lush greenery of the forest, it is also home to various fauna. Visitors can view specially kept farm and domestic animals at Puzzlewood: rabbits, donkeys, sheep, wild fowl, cattle and more.

There are various other amenities provided for visitors, including a gift shop and a children’s play area. This makes the woodlands a tourist attraction among adventurers, history enthusiasts and families alike. Nature lovers will also enjoy soaking in the natural sunlight, while being surrounded by the greenery.

The history of Puzzlewood runs deep. The winding paths were originally laid out in the late 19th century. It is said that despite this, the area wasn’t open to the public until 100 years later. There are miles and miles of these winding pathways that will take visitors deeper into the forest to witness various woodland tree formations, footbridges and other marvellously whimsical attractions.

Puzzlewood is easily accessible to all and is located in the Forest of Dean. It is located south of Coleford. In order to access the area you’ll have to head to the Forest of Dean first, the easiest way to head there is to drive down to Coleford and keep an eye out for some brown signs that point to Puzzlewood. It’s pretty straightforward and the area was designed to easily guide tourists to locate the Forest of Dean and Puzzlewood so, you can get there easily by just following the signs.


PuzzleWood, England

PuzzleWood, Forest of Dean

PuzzleWood, UK

Trail in PuzzleWood


Bridge in PuzzleWood

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