Rabbit Hash: Kentucky’s Old Timey River Town

The old timey river town of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky is proof that rural America is home to countless quirky and captivating locales. The buildings of Rabbit Hash have scarcely changed since they were constructed in the mid-1800s. Rabbit Hash is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places because it serves as a time capsule that has perfectly preserved the look and feel of a bygone era.

Local legend states that Rabbit Hash received its unusual name because a massive flood caused a huge colony of rabbits of take up residence near the town. Area cooks soon began to integrate rabbit into the local cuisine. A flavorful soup called rabbit hash soon became so popular that visitors began to refer to the tiny river town as Rabbit Hash.

The Rabbit Hash General Store—which has been in operation since 1831—is a popular destination for history lovers. A 1937 flood nearly washed the Rabbit Hash General Store off the map. The attic of the general store is still caked with mud which was deposited during the 1937 flood. The store features artisanal items such as pottery, hand-woven towels, and Christmas ornaments.

A 2016 fire nearly destroyed the Rabbit Hash General Store. Thankfully, the historic building was lovingly restored to its former glory by a team of passionate volunteers.

Kentucky residents will happily tell you that the best thing about Rabbit Hash is that the tiny town has had a series of dogs who have served as mayor. If you’re fed up with human governance, book a trip to Rabbit Hash so that you can bribe the mayor with a doggie biscuit.

Rabbit Hash is home to a charming inn called The Old Hashienda. Lounging on The Old Hashienda’s porch swing facing the Ohio River is the ideal way to spend a summer evening.


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