Relaxing Holiday on Majorca – The Balearic Island can do More Than Just Party

Majorca is internationally infamous for its party locations. Responsible for the reputation is mostly the Platja de Palma district of Majorca’s capital, Palma de Majorca. By night, and often even during the day, the beaches, bars, and discos attract swarms of international party enthusiasts. The local government has long tried to reduce this image and shine a light on the many other qualities the Balearic Island has to offer. Here are some of the relaxing parts of Majorca, that make it a great holiday destination to wind down.

Different Destinations on Majorca

What you will get out of your holiday destination is largely dependent on which part of the Island you will choose to stay in and explore. Naturally, Majorca has more locations to offer than its capital and if you want to fully explore these locations with luxury and comfort, it is best that you rent a yacht in Mallorca. Here are some of the Island’s areas and their characteristics. Any of them will offer you the possibility of renting a great holiday accommodation in Majorca and find exactly what you need.

The North of Majorca

In the north we find both mountains and beaches and many small historic towns with charming pedestrian areas to explore. Meaning we can find many opportunities for both active activities like hiking or water sports, or the ability to get to know authentic Majorca culture, history, food, and locals.

For example:

  • Alcúdia, the oldest Balearic city with medieval city walls and labyrinthine old town roads.
  • Muro, a small rural town with authentic Spanish food, orange trees and historic mills.
  • The Puig de Massanella, the highest peak on the Island. The 11,365 m can be climbed from the starting point, Santuari de LLuc.

The East of Majorca

The east of Majorca might be the most untouched area when it comes to tourism. If you want to get a chance to experience genuine Spanish and Majorca culture or partake in some calm fishing, this is the place to go. Here you will find many traditional fishing villages and vineyards.

  • The Cala Mesquida bay, shielded by the surrounding mountains, is a popular spot for surfing.
  • As part of the Dragon Caves (Cuevas del Drac), we can cross one of the largest underground lakes in the world by boat in a series of limestone caverns 25 m below surface level.

The Southwest of Majorca

The capital Palma de Majorca lies in the Southwest. So does the airport. Naturally, you can find the most tourists here. That does not exclusively have downsides, though. Being a popular travel destiny means there are great infrastructures in place to accommodate and entertain tourists. Next to Palma, we find other intriguing locations like:

  • Andratx, a glamorous city with Roman roots. It is the hotspot for luxury villas, shops, and yachts. That also means you can find high-quality art galleries and a lot of culture here.
  • Resort towns like Santa Ponca practically exist to read every wish from a tourist’s lips. They have countless bars, restaurants, and activities to entertain any age group. Additionally, the beaches here are supervised, still and clear, making them a great destination for families with small children.


After years of COVID-19, the tourism industry is recovering. Some numbers are already exceeding pre-pandemic levels. Majorca counts as one of these destinations. If you want to avoid the swarms of tourists and enjoy a more relaxing vacation, there are many places on the island that will suit you. You can explore history and culture, like Roman castles and city walls, stunning nature, like the Dragon Cave’s underground lake, or experience authentic Majorca cuisine in one of the many small fishing villages in the east.


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