Experience the Melody of Stones at Ringing Rocks Park, Pennsylvania

In the late 1800s, Dr. J.J. Ott stumbled upon a boulder field in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania filled with rocks that resonated like a bell when they were struck by a rock hammer. Dr. Ott was so enamored by Upper Black Eddy’s musical rocks that he constructed a primitive xylophone-like instrument out of the most sonorous rocks that he could find and performed a concert for a local historical society.

Ringing Rocks Boulder Field - Bucks County, PA

Photo by Flickr

The musical boulder field that captivated Dr. J.J. Ott is now known as Ringing Rocks Park. Ringing Rocks Park is one of a handful of places in the world that is home to a field of boulders that literally ring. Scientists have spent decades studying the musical rocks of Ringing Rocks Park, yet the scientific community still cannot explain exactly how or why the ringing rocks make such beautiful and distinctive sounds.

Conspiracy theorists have proposed that the ringing rocks are tied to aliens, excessive radiation, or ancient forest magic. Most scientists and amateur geologists suspect that the ringing rocks ring because millions of years of fluctuating between extreme heat and glacial cold have fashioned them into stone instruments.

Visitors are encouraged to pack a hammer so they can make their own music at Ringing Rocks Park. One curious property of the musical rocks of Ringing Rocks Park is that they cease to ring if they are not surrounded by other ringing rocks. If you are intent on putting on your own primordial rock concert it is best to leave the rocks in place.

Ringing Rocks Park is surrounded by hiking trails and a picnic area. Visitors can also view a gushing waterfall called High Falls which is located a short distance from Ringing Rocks Park. An afternoon spent frolicking among sonorous rocks is a great reminder that nature is full of delightful mysteries.

Ringing Rocks Road
Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania, 18972
United States

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