Salina Turda: Explore a Romanian Salt Mine That Doubles as an Amusement Park

Starting around 1075, Romanian miners wielding pickaxes began chipping away at one of the largest salt deposits in Europe. This vast cache of salt was transformed into the expansive mine known as Salina Turda. The mine flourished until the early 1930s when the Great Depression led to a global economic downturn. After operations at Salina Turda ceased, the salt mine doubled as a sturdy bomb shelter during World War II. By the early 1990s, Salina Turda was repurposed as an amusement park, health lounge, and salt mining museum.

Visitors to Salina Turda can traverse its vast tunnels and marvel at the towering grey and white caverns. The salt mine showcases rooms filled with vintage mining equipment, dazzling salt stalactites, and a chamber where sounds reverberate an average of 20 times. A notable feature is the “Staircase of the Rich,” once reserved for distinguished visitors, including Emperor Franz Joseph of Austria.

Inside Salina Turda lies a futuristic amusement park that seems as if it’s been transported from the moon. The mine’s underground Ferris wheel, which offers a panoramic view of one of its grandest chambers, is especially popular among visitors.

For those seeking leisure, the options are plentiful: rent a boat and paddle around the lake in the Teresa Mine, play mini-golf, or engage in a game of billiards. Younger visitors can enjoy a playground complete with a slide and a basketball court. The mine also houses a spacious amphitheater with comfortably heated seats, where guests can enjoy films and live performances.

The Gisela Stationary Mine features a lounge where visitors can unwind and benefit from the mine’s therapeutic air. For years, medical professionals have posited that the cool, salty ambiance of Salina Turda can aid respiratory health. Many individuals with asthma and other respiratory issues report feeling revitalized after spending time in the Gisela Stationary Mine.

Inner view of Turda Salt Mine, wellknown landmark in Transylvania, Romania, Europe

Inner view of Turda Salt Mine, wellknown landmark in Transylvania, Romania, Europe
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A trip to Salina Turda feels like journeying to both a futuristic lunar base and a well-preserved historical treasure. According to local legend, time spent in Salina Turda’s chambers bestows lasting good luck upon visitors, as the salt is said to be enchanted. Many guests often share feelings of joy, vitality, and rejuvenation after their exploration. The unique experience of riding a subterranean Ferris wheel, offering a bird’s-eye view of this awe-inspiring man-made wonder, is undoubtedly worth the visit.

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