San Francisco’s Wave Organ

If you’re hearing some strange, otherworldly music, as the waves hit the shore of San Francisco bay, chances are that it must be the famous wave organ. Constructed in 1986 by artist Peter Richards, the organ is located on a jetty by the bay and consists of more than 20 PVC and concrete pipes.The pipes are arranged in different length and heights, to create a varied melody every time the waves hits.

The jetty itself is constructed by granite and marble, taken from a deconstructed cemetery. When the waves of the ocean crash against the pipes, there is a varying amount of airflow that goes through these pipes along with the water. This difference in airflow causes the pipes to emit various melodies at different volumes according to how high the tide is.

Visitors, who come to the jetty are treated to one of a kind music, while enjoying the view of the San Francisco skyline. The jetty has an amazing view of the Marina District, downtown San Francisco, East Bay Hills, the Marin Headlands and also the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. It proves to be a tranquil location for those, who plan to escape the hustle of the city and enjoy sounds of the ocean.

The jetty is open to the public for free and its best to visit during high tide. The jetty is also easily accessible from the Chrissy Field recreational area, which is a 1.8 mile walk away.

Yacht Road
San Francisco, California, 94123
United States

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