Santa Cruz del Islote: A Brand New Way Of Living

2.4 acre island of Santa Cruz del Islote is located in the heart of the San Bernardo archipelago, near the coast of Colombia. This extremely small coral island has 1,200 inhabitants; considering its size, the density of the population here is four times bigger than that of Manhattan! The living conditions here are far from modern. There are only 5 hours of electricity per day, no running water and the only source of fresh water comes from the Colombian navy; once a month.

It’s been 150 years since people have started living there and despite the challenging conditions, they have no intention of leaving the island. According to the legend, it was a small group of fishermen, who discovered this island, while they were searching for new places to fish. As it was already getting dark outside, they decided to spend the night there and it felt so good, they never left.

Today, fishing remains the main occupation for the Santa Cruz del Islote residents. However, the area also includes a restaurant, a disco, a couple grocery stores and a school, along with other tourist attractions. An increasing number of locals are now working on the nearby islands, such as Mucura, at luxury resorts or restaurants.

The island is the size of one and a half soccer fields, which means that there is no place to hide. There is no crime rate at all, so everybody keeps their door unlocked. Most of the locals here describe the life on the island as peaceful and calm and they wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Photograph by Angélica Montes Arango

Photo credit: Hotel Punta Faro

Photo by Camila/Flickr

Photo via Wikimedia

Photo credit: Juan Reyes/Panoramio

Photo credit: Juan Madrigal/Flickr

Photo credit: Juan Madrigal/Flickr

Photo credit: Camila/Flickr

Photo credit: Sofia Londoño/Flickr

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