Secret villain base at Margreid Fire Department, Italy

Does your local fire department look like it could be the set of the next James Bond movie? Probably not. The lucky residents of Married in the alps of Northern Italy, would definitely get to brag, with their striking fire station practically built into the mountains.

The town of Margreid is located among breathtaking alps. An iconic fire station was built with the idea, to preserve the very limited amount of land space in the area. Constructed in 2010, the Margreid Fire Department is a prime location for a villain’s secret hideaway. The decision to build the station along the cliffside a strategic way to make use of the limited amount of land, within the town. Also, an ergonomic sense to maximise the benefits of the surrounding mountain and artificially crafted caverns.

If you think the exterior is striking by itself, wait till you get a good look inside. Tucked away in the side of a cave, the interior of the station has a sophisticated design, that has won international architecture awards around the world. Three caverns had to be blasted into the mountain, in order to form a cave deep enough to fit the structure, which also serves as a good insulator for heat.

This genius structure was done by acclaimed Northern Italy architecture firm Bergmeisterwolf, which has offices in Italy and Austria. The interior of the building is definitely a sight to behold, with sleek and futuristic accents that you can simply marvel at.

If you’re in town admiring the endless landscapes of the Northern Italian alps, also check out the Margreid Fire Department, for a change in scenery.


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