How Smoking Travelers Can Prepare for Their Mexican Caribbean Vacation


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With its stunning white sand beaches and diverse range of outdoor activities, the Mexican Caribbean islands are a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, as our post on planning a Mexican Caribbean holiday illustrates, you should take note of several considerations to truly maximize your trip. For instance, if you’re interested in traveling when there are fewer crowds, then it’s best to visit during the low season, which is between May and November. Similarly, identify which activities cater to your interests—whether it be cultural experiences or water sports—as this allows you to create your itinerary accordingly.

Now, for smokers, yet another factor that they need to take into account is Mexico’s increasing crackdown on cigarette smoking. This year, changes to a tobacco control law came into effect. Specifically, smoking is now prohibited in outdoor spaces such as beaches, parks, and public squares. All that considered, smokers will need to make special accommodations for their cigarette habit to experience an enjoyable Mexican Caribbean vacation.

Below, this article has listed three crucial tips that can allow you to achieve that.

Choose accommodations with smoking rooms

Although Mexico has enforced a much more stringent smoking ban, there are still numerous hotels and resorts around the Mexican Caribbean that offer smoking rooms. So prior to your vacation, research suitable accommodation options that are available in your desired destination. For instance, if you want to stay at the Riviera Maya—which is home to incredible spots like Holbox Island, Isla Mujeres, and Tulum—then Alma Tulum and Amansala are two hotels that provide smoking rooms with incredible beachfront views. With this, you have the opportunity to light a cigarette while soaking in the gorgeous sunset.

On the other hand, if you’re interested in settling at Chetumal, which is where various cultural sites are located, then consider Fiesta Inn Chetumal. The hotel doesn’t only offer designated smoking areas, it’s also conveniently close to unique attractions such as Kohunlich and Dzibanché’s archeological zones.

Pack smokeless nicotine alternatives

Due to Mexico’s updated tobacco tax, the cost of cigarette products is quite steep. According to a 2022 International Journal for Equity in Health report, retail prices rose by an average of 43.9%, which means a single cigarette pack costs Mex$81.2 ($4.35). As such, it’s ideal to pack smokeless nicotine alternatives such as nicotine pouches or nicotine patches that are relatively cheaper.

ZYN nicotine pouches are sold for $3.89 per can at leading e-commerce store Prilla. Apart from being cost-effective, they don’t contain tobacco and instead feature quality nicotine that’s been carefully extracted and purified using high-tech distillation procedures. Since they don’t produce smoke, they’re inconspicuous to use in public spaces like beaches and resorts. If you have a packed itinerary involving visiting local taquerias or snorkeling in, say, Playa del Carmen, then you may want a product that can last for 24 hours. In that case, Habitrol transdermal patches, which are also sold in various strengths, are your best bet to guarantee a smooth travel experience. If you are spending a day at the beach or by the pool, you can also look for patches that are waterproof.

Carry odor-eliminating items

Currently, a 2023 Filter article titled ‘Mexico’s Government Thinks Criminalization Will Stamp Out Smoking’ shares that individuals who don’t adhere to the anti-tobacco law will face fines or up to 36 hours of jail time. Although this reality is a good reason to avoid using cigarettes on your Mexican Caribbean vacation, an equally important one is staying courteous to locals who may not appreciate the stench of tobacco smoke.

If you plan on visiting one of the area’s many boutique shops or lively bars—where a crowd may be present—then make sure to keep the stench of cigarette products off of you. You can do this by carrying odor-eliminating items such as a deodorizing spray or a dryer sheet, which can remove pesky tobacco smells on your clothes. As an additional precaution, you can likewise use a dry shampoo; the one from Amika has a clean vanilla scent that can rid your hair of the stench. By utilizing these products, you can extend some courtesy to non-smoking locals and tourists alike.

Your time in the Mexican Caribbean should be one that’s both thrilling and stress-free. As a smoker, it’s essential to follow the tips this article has provided to get the most out of your trip.

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