Solas Boat Prop And Beyond 6 Upgrades For A Better Boating Experience

If you’re a boat fan and you like to spend some of your time out in the water, you’ve probably tried different ways to help you enhance your boating experience. Considering the advancements in boat equipment and parts, sourcing your upgrades from a reputable provider like Deep Blue Yacht Supply can ensure your boat is in prime condition for those memorable sea or lake adventures. Of course, when you head out to the sea or lake, you need a boat that’s in good condition to get an excellent experience. Therefore, each part of your boat has to be functioning properly. Then, you can add some little touches to your boat to increase aesthetics and give it the desired look.

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As the technology behind boat-making improves, so do the upgrading options. For example, a boat owner may want a boat with low fuel consumption that can comfortably reach high speeds. There’s no guarantee the factory parts will achieve this. Even if they do, they’ll wear over time, and their performance will degrade.

As a result, it’s essential to give your boat some upgrades from time to time if you want an incredible experience. It’s a maintenance procedure with some bit of tweaks on the parts to achieve optimum performance.

Here are some of the upgrades you can give your boat:

1. Upgrade Your Propellers

Motor boat screw close up. Engine propeller

One of the essential parts of a boat is the propeller, as it helps move the boat through water removing the struggle of having to row. As a result, different brands of propellers such as Solas props and many others have been designed. Each of these props varies in blade size, depending on horsepower, style, and several other factors.

Several methods can be used to upgrade your prop. Remember, the efficiency of the props is always determined by a set of revolutions per minute in the engine. However, this isn’t always the case, as the props can have a higher revolution, which means the blades are less, but you’re losing speed. Moreover, props made of a material such as aluminum could lose thickness affecting the overall efficiency.

When you realize such changes in your tachometer, it’s a clear indication you need a prop change. First, you can decide to buy a new prop and replace the current one. Secondly, you can either reduce or increase the number of blades in the prop depending on whether the revolutions are less or more. Finally, you need to change the material and use galvanized steel instead of aluminum. This will help with acceleration and speed, ensuring you get maximum speed and save fuel.

2. Add A Stereo System

Music is one of the most important additions one can ever have when traveling. If you’ve traveled by road, you’ve probably seen that music is commonplace, and just like in cars, you can also add a stereo system in your boat.

Several devices are equipped with features such as audio jacks, wireless connections, and many others that can be used to connect to the audio system in your phone or your flash drive. So, when you’re cruising at sea, you can listen to your favorite music. Moreover, suppose you’re going on vacation and plan to hold a little party on board. What a better way to spice it up if not with music.

3. Add Seats

Some boats have seats between two to four, depending on the size of the boat and the design. However, those with two seats always have enough room to add one or two more seats without affecting the boat’s carrying capacity. Therefore, you can use mounting rails to place extra seats on the boat. However, you need to ensure the seats are correctly mounted to prevent accidents.

Additionally, you can spruce up the standard seats by adding up leather covers or any soft material that matches the boat’s interior. To add to the seat designs, you can get matching carpets. This gives your boat a comfy look for you and your friends to relax on while riding.

4. Camping Tents

Another great addition you can add to your boat is a camping tent and other camping solutions. You attach the tent to the forward bow space in the main chamber. When out on the sea and you aren’t speeding, you can always take a rest under the tent. Also, when you’re not the one steering the boat, you can always use the tent to relax as you enjoy the ocean breeze.

Moreover, when you’ve docked your boat at the shore and want to spend some time out during the night, a tent will serve you excellently. Any boat size can benefit from a camping tent, especially if you love night boat rides.

5. Give Your Boat Some Light

Adding LED (light-emitting diode) lights to your boat can give it an excellent ambiance bring it to life. You can attach lights on the front, back, under the seat, or along the boat’s name. Also, if you have installed a camping tent, you can add the lights around the tent.

These lights usually don’t require much power to run, and therefore you can connect to the boat’s power line or use a power backup. Therefore, there’s no real excuse why you can’t light up your boat world. The advantage of having lights on your boat is you can spend the night in your boat, camp out in the water, and make your boat look beautiful.

6. Add A Wakeboard Tower

Boats usually don’t come with wakeboard towers, but that shouldn’t hinder you from getting one. You can get a universal tower that fits most boats or customize one specifically for your boat. The advantage of having a wakeboard tower is, it’ll act as an attachment point for cameras, speakers, lights, and other accessories. In addition, the tower can offer support to occupants when speed riding.


Giving your boat an upgrade is something you shouldn’t be too reluctant to do. Once you do your research well, you’ll realize it isn’t expensive, but the results will always be worth it. Plus, you don’t want to be the owner of the old beat boat down at the beach.

There is always a way to save on a boat transport cost too. There are many reliable companies that specialise in hauling marine vessels.

From getting better props to adding LED lights on your boat, you should consider at least one of these upgrades for your boat. Remember that when you upgrade your boat, you’re the one to benefit the most as you’ll have a better cruising experience and a handful of memories.


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