Split Apple Rock: New Zealand’s Most Curious Rock Formation

Abel Tasman National Park in New Zealand is home to one of the most curious rock formations in the world. Geologists are endlessly fascinated by Split Apple Rock, a large granite boulder that appears to be perfectly split down the middle. Scientists are puzzled by the formation of this distinctive cleaved boulder. The most plausible theory currently suggests that a crack in the boulder filled with water, which then froze during the last ice age.

The Maori name for Split Apple Rock is Tokangawha, which translates to ‘burst open rock.’ According to Maori legend, two gods fought over the possession of this round boulder. Since the gods could not settle their dispute, they decided to split the boulder in half so that each of them could have a slice of the stately rock.

Nestled in the azure waters of Tasman Bay, Split Apple Rock is located near the picturesque town of Kaiteriteri. During low tide, visitors can wade through shallow water to reach the small cluster of boulders where Split Apple Rock is situated. During high tide, several local companies offer kayak and boat tours that allow travelers to view Split Apple Rock up-close.

Abel Tasman National Park boasts a stunning crescent-shaped beach with pristine white sand. Visitors can stroll along the beach and view pristine streams that flow into the ocean, the remnants of an ancient Maori fort, and wildlife such as blue penguins and fur seals.

Close to the park, the Kimi Ora Eco Resort provides European-style chalet lodging, spa treatments that employ healing mud masks, and a vegetarian restaurant serving dishes made from locally sourced greens and seaweed. The proprietors of Kimi Ora Eco Resort work diligently to conserve water, recycle, and donate money to a conservation group that strives to keep Tasman Bay’s ecosystem healthy.

Split Apple Rock, a captivating rock formation surrounded by pristine azure waters, is sure to intrigue both the inner scientist and storyteller in you with its unique allure. Abel Tasman National Park offers gorgeous scenery, plenty of nearby amenities, and numerous vantage points to view Split Apple Rock. A Kaiteriteri based company even offers helicopter tours for those seeking an aerial view of one of New Zealand’s most scenic beaches. A bird’s-eye view of Split Apple Rock is truly magnificent.

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