A Natural Beauty: St. Peter’s Pool, Malta

In the far south of the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta, away from the endearingly ramshackle resorts with their throngs of tourists, lies St. Peter’s Pool, a stunning, natural inlet of azure and light green surrounded by limestone rocks.

 St. Peter's Pool, Malta

Although popular with swimmers, snorkellers and divers enjoying its crystal clear water, St Peter’s Pool is blessed with flat rocks around its curved edges, while the ample shade offered by the high rocks make it a haven for sunbathers, too.

While this particular hideaway is not that straightforward to get to – you’ll need to negotiate a narrow, uneven road to get close by car – it is this remoteness that lends it one of its greatest advantages: it rarely suffers from overcrowding.

 St. Peter's Pool, Malta

So, all that’s left for you to do is pick your spot, take a step back from your everyday troubles and quietly marvel at one of Malta’s best-kept secrets.

Location: Marsaxlokk, Malta


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