St. Roch Chapel: A Shrine Of Life On A Cemetery

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, St. Roch cemetery doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, at first. However, this quiet spot is home to one of the most peculiar settings: the shrine of St. Roch.
The neighborhood previously known as Faubourg Franklin, became St. Roch in 1867. In the times of yellow fever epidemic, the pastor of Holy Trinity Church, priest Peter Leonard Thevis prayed to Saint Roch, for his parishioners health. St. Roch was believed to be a healer and protector of health. Thevis promised, that he would build a chapel in honour of St. Roch, if no one died from epidemic in his parish. Sure enough, no one in the community died from the epidemic in over a decade. This meant, that it was time to go through with his part of the deal. So, soon a shrine and a chapel was built.
The shrine lies in a two-room building, one of which contains an altar and a statue of Saint Roth and his beloved dog. The other room is filled with body part expressing a gratitude to St. Roch for healing. To this day, dozens of body parts are hanging on the walls of the shrine; from leg braces, arm, glass eyes or dental plates.
Whether the story behind the place is true or not, St. Roch’s chapel is a must see in New Orleans.

Location: 1725 St Roch Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70117
United States

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