Sun Cruise Hotel, South Korea


Have you all read about or seen Sun Cruise Hotel in GANGNEUNG, South Korea? This ship shaped hotel in South Korea looks like a Royal Caribbean cruise ship. True, the concept of designing and building a landlocked cruise liner for a hotel seems a bit odd. But everything from the rooms (with heated floors) to the grounds – full of walking gardens and sculptures etc. – to the breathtaking views of the sea is simply… well, breathtaking.


Sun Cruise Resort Hotel was designed and built by a shipyard to emulate the experience of cruising on a cruise ship. A stay at the hotel does a good job of approximating a cruise, complete with sound effects, without the motion sickness. Because the ship is constructed high on the edge of a mountain a stroll on the sun deck allows one to feel they are out at sea.






Location: GANGNEUNG, South Korea
Google maps.
Nearby cities: Wonju; Seoul; Hamhung
Coordinates: 37°41’0″N 129°2’38″E

Sources:, Sungjin Kim/Flickr, Indri chan/Flickr,
Official website.

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