Tasmans Arch: Australia’s Natural Stone Bridge

Tasmans Arch—which is located in Eaglehawk Neck, Australia—was once a cavernous sea cave with sturdy stone walls. Over time, salty sea air and powerful waves eroded the cave until nothing remained but a stately stone arch. Visitors can view Tasmans Arch from a lookout point that offers a breathtaking view of crashing waves and a rugged forest of trees with slim trunks and hearty leaves that have thrived atop the arch.

Tasmans Arch

Tasmans Arch, former sea cave, unusual geological formations at Tasman National Park, south east coast of Tasmania, Australia.
Photo by depositphotos.com

The area where Tasmans Arch is located once housed rowdy prisoners, but today the picturesque Tasman Peninsula serves as a retreat for nature lovers from around the world. Tasmans Arch holds the distinction of being composed out of a rock called Tasmanian dolerite which is unique to Australia. The Land Down Under is celebrated for its countless rare and beautiful landscapes that are unlike anything else on Earth. Tasmans Arch ranks very high on the list of striking and distinctive sights to see in Australia.

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