The Magical Tree Of Life in Kalaloch Beach, Washington

Washington State is known to be home to numerous natural wonders. One such natural wonder is the Kalaloch Tree of Life. Located along the Pacific Coast shores, in the Olympic National Park, the The Tree of Life is one of the most famous tree in the world.

The tree is called “The Tree of Life” because it seems to be miraculously hanging on to dear life, when considering the circumstances, it should be dead.

The tree is located on a cliff, that has been subjected to intense erosion over the years, creating a cave right under the tree. This is a tree like no other. Only a root tendrils are anchoring the tree to the ground, with the majority of the root left exposed and sprawling over the existing void.

The tree still manages to live and thrive, even though its life supply has been taken away. With no soil underneath to support its growth, people wonder how it withstood the intense coastal storms. The existence of this tree goes against the rules of science and biology. It is hard to believe, that magical powers are not involved.
This particular tree does not have an official name, even though it is a Sitka spruce, which is the largest spruce type. The Sitka spruce is common along the west coast and the name was derived from the Sitka community in Alaska. This tree with a wide trunk and towering height is also referred to by other names such as “the Kalaloch Tree” and “the runaway tree”.
Underneath the runaway tree, there is a hollow space appropriately called “the tree root cave” since its roof is entirely made of roots. This cave is said to have been formed as a result of a small stream flowing into the ocean. This small stream slowly, but surely washed out the soil that was underneath the tree.

There have been reports of visitors returning every year expecting to see the tree finally fallen. A couple is reported to have visited the tree each year for 17 years only to be surprised each time to see, that the tree has managed to remain in that same questionable position.

This is a mystery, that is really worth visiting to watch and experience in person. Apart from this attraction, Kalaloch is also known for its cozy cabins, gorgeous coast, beautiful hikes, great food, and friendly people.


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